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  1. Also is there a way to make it so the link opens in a new window instead of the same window?
  2. @zinzin this is the part of the code that is the link '/commerce/show-cart' so just change the link according to what your contact page is named... you can find the URL of your contact page by going to the Settings on your Contact Page. And where is says CHECKOUT after the link, this is the part of the code that displays what is on your button, so just change the wording to whatever you'd like in this part of the code.
  3. Hello @VUELA , this is great! However my button is adding to the top of the page and not below the "Add to Cart" button. I copied your code exactly... I also tried @GRSM solution of adding next to the Add to Cart button instead. This worked and brought the button down from the top of the page, but I don't know how to add spacing in between the buttons. Either solution would work for me. Can either of you help? Thank you!
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