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  1. If it helps anyone answer my question: the shop sells welding machinery and accessories, some of it can be bought online but other items are welding machines that are built to custom specs per order and can't be priced online. The client wants to remove or disable the 'add to cart' button on the custom products but leave it enabled on all other products. I want to solve this in a seamless way so their customers don't get annoyed. Any ideas are so welcome 🙂
  2. Hi, sorry for the tardy reply... their shop isn't live yet - it's currently unlinked and disabled until they're ready to launch will a screenshot do or do you need to see the live page?
  3. I'm building a shop for a client, because of the nature of their products some are built to custom specs and need to be listed without a price and instead an 'enquire about pricing' prompt. Some products are listed traditionally and still need price/add to cart displayed. Can anyone help?
  4. @Tydirium1138 would you mind sharing the answer or linking me to where you found it - I'm trying to resolve the same issue
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