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  1. I found this solution: <style> .center { text-align: center; font-family:proxima-nova; font-weight:700; color:#fff; font-size:2.5em; line-height: 110%; } </style> <div class="center"> <p>EARTHPOSITIVE®<br>THE MOST PROGRESSIVE ETHICAL CLOTHING ON EARTH</p>
  2. Hi!Please help.I like to have text on banner. I try to use Markdown and wrote: <span style="font-family:proxima-nova; font-weight:700; color:#fff; font-size:2.5em;letter-spacing:2px; line-height: 110%; text-align:center" >EARTHPOSITIVE®<br>THE MOST PROGRESSIVE ETHICAL CLOTHING ON EARTH</span> The problem is that text does not align center. All other things are ok. I use Marta. Im using now text as a picture and like to use pure text which is also search engine and responsive friendly.Please check banner (text is picture now) https://www.belik.fi KRLeo Belikleo@belik.
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