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  1. Had problems getting it set correctly initially but figured it out. Just had to mess with that code for a while. Thanks tuanphan, this is the second time you've helped me get something set up properly on my site and I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Site URL: https://www.amberjainowell.squarespace.com Still trying to find the CSS to create a full-width footer in York. Anyone?
  3. It's the first one but it only changed the word spacing on the first entry. I saved and refreshed the page but it didn't affect any of the other links
  4. hmm, that's increasing the distance between the links, not decreasing the space between the words
  5. It's under construction https://www.amberjainowell.squarespace.com
  6. Any custom CSS for decreasing the word spacing between items in the navigation? I like the typeface I'm using for it (source code pro), but some navigation items have two words and they're so far apart they look like seperate links. I switched my body text font for the same reason. If that's something that can be globally adjusted in CSS I'd like to do that as well. I'm running on a personal plan, site is under construction [hence the lack of link].
  7. Underscore. Guess it isn't visible with the formatting on here.
  8. The entire site has already been rebuilt using squarespace, this was brought to my attention a week after the site went live. The domain was forwarded through GoDaddy. Tbh, the most practical way I can see this working is for their software to be updated as it's not correctly parsing the information being sent back. We've discussed switching over to a developer site or upgrading the account and these weren't something they wanted to do. I spoke with someone about having this single page on godaddy but this also required redirecting the software to read from that. What would hosting the squarespace site without the www subdomain look like? What would be involved with that (If you don't mind going into more detail)? Is what you're suggesting a mod_rewrite?
  9. It is, the domain has been forwarded from GoDaddy (if that's any help at all). However the old site was http. The old page address I'm looking at is formated like this: http://www.businessname.com/SOFTWARE_Current.html
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to force a specific url onto a single page in squarespace without using a dev site, javascript, or hiring someone to do it? If so, what is this called so I can find more information? SQSP doesn't allow for the slug characters needed. Have a strange situation where a web page needs to match an old address exactly. Redirect doesn't work for this. Note: I was told by Squarespace support that this was possible. They gave me a link to the main forum page and a link to the Custom Code FAQ and refused to give me further information.
  11. Hey everyone, I've got an unusual situation and hopefully one of you will know how to do this or if it can even be done. I helped a friends business transfer over to squarespace recently. The site is live, everything is up and running. But we have one little thing that needs to be resolved. The business makes software that runs in LabVIEW. This software has been around for a while and one of the software products has a feature that reads a hardcoded url, a single line of text is sent back, and the software uses that to determine the software version the client is using. The original website was made back in the 90s so the web page slugs had caps, underscores and periods in them. The entire site was remapped because of this. However, the code in the software isn't picking up the redirects, nor is it parsing the information coming back from the new page properly (it's reading the header) if the new page is coded into the software. If we change the software, the clients who have earlier versions of the software receive the wrong version in the response because it's not parsing the information correctly. The old clients would get back a blank box with no errors. No good for support. So what I'm looking to do is find a way to force the old URL on the single page, and remove all the other elements from that blank page. I'm limited by the plan in that they don't have Javascript or code injection available. Using code injection wouldn't work to create a genuinely blank page either, because it's still reading the CSS. I need to have the page URL in this format http://www.businesswebsite.com/SOFTWARE_Current.html Can anyone tell me if this is possible? If so what info do I need to look up (I haven't been able to find it besides information on redirects) or point me to how to do it? Thanks!
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