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  1. I somehow found a solution for the button, not the real one but it's doing the job : in "Style/Forms", I pick the "Circle" label for Form Button (instead of "Submitting" label), so I avoid having a text on the button after it is clicked. If anyone has a better solution, I'll take it 🙂
  2. Thanks @Beyondspace, After the "Submission", I wanted the visitor to go back on the same research page, so I picked "Redirect" instead of "Message". Anyway, this is not the right place : "message" is a message ( 😄 ), written in paragraph style, while I just want to change the text on the button right after the click. Enregistrement de l’écran 2024-06-12 à 07.09.00.mov
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use a form block to let my visitors entering inputs to make an intersection research (javascript is on its way). I need the form to act differently (my site is in French): when submitting data to the research, after the button has been clicked, the text now is "Soumission", I want to change it into "Trouver" ; I need to redirect the data my visitors enter into the fields towards a javascript program ; I need to show the results into a box, hopefully on the same page. Can anyone help me ? Thank you !
  4. Thanks @tuanphan, var accordion = document.querySelector('.ProductItem-additional .accordion-block'); was only showing the text blocks placed into additional and not the accordion but I've add ".ProductItem-details" and now it's working ! var accordion = document.querySelector('.ProductItem-additional .accordion-block .ProductItem-details'); Thank you again for your help ! Edit @tuanphan: it works perfectly for mobile but the whole description block has moved under the pictures on desktop...
  5. Hi everyone, I've tried the accordion into the product description and it works fine (thank you @jpeter!) - but the all block disappear on the mobile size, can someone help me ? I've tried to cancel scripts and this is the one that hide the product description on mobile. Here is the code injection in Setting > Advanced > Code injection <script> (function(){ var accordion = document.querySelector('.ProductItem-additional'); var cartButton = document.querySelector('.sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper'); if(accordion && cartButton) { // Remove accordion from current position. accordion.parentNode.removeChild(accordion); // Add accordion before the cart button. cartButton.after(accordion); } })() </script> Do you have an idea ? Can I restrain this script for non-mobile view ? Here is a link for an example of product page : https://www.coralieprevert.com/fr/shop-deco/p/papier-peint-eco-responsable-alba Thanks !
  6. A great thank you for your help @paul2009, it works perfectly well, also when combining "linear" and "squared" prices within the same shop!
  7. Wonderful ! This one for € / squared meter (tag: square) https://www.coralieprevert.com/fr/shop-deco/p/papier-peint-eco-responsable-alba This one for € / linear meter (tag: linear) https://www.coralieprevert.com/fr/shop-deco/p/moquette-fiesole And this one for € (tag: unit) https://www.coralieprevert.com/fr/shop-deco/p/tapis-sur-mesure
  8. Great, thank you @paul2009, but I have no idea where to place the ".product-mark.linear" into the code... I've tried to edit your code with it, but it's not working... I'm not "fluent" in scripts... Can you please help me with this ?
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks @paul2009, that code is working perfectly for me (7.1). I needed a "€ / linear meter" instead of "€". But, within the same shop, I ALSO need a "€ / squared meter" and a "€". Do you think it is something that I can fix with specific tags calling for "linear/squared/units" tagged products? Thanks for your answer !
  10. In case you want to hide Sold out products only in the Related products section, here is the css : <!-- Hide Sold out products in Related products list --> <style> .ProductItem-relatedProducts .sold-out { display: none; } </style>
  11. Site URL: https://clownfish-contrabass-bd8k.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, I'm missing 7.0 product status badges A LOT... Instead of the ugly black rectangle I want it to be a circle (#C93 for "Sale" and #782b2b for "Out of stock"). That's the easy thing 🙂 The complicated one, for me, is to have it proportional and looking the same into grid (the one displaying all products), summary (into product page) related products grid (into product page too). But not beyond price at the top of product page. Only the wording is ok. The only solutions I've found so far are not adapting the size of the circle when the product is shown in big or small. Also, I want this circle to be always placed at the top right of the picture of the product (now it's ok for summary into product page but not for product grid or related products grid. Why is that so difficult - and so different ? I've already made some custom CSS but I can't find a way to change the position or to adapt the size. Can anyone help me please ?
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