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  1. Site URL: https://littleanvil.com I'm sure this has been asked a million times... I am based in Australia and sell globally - varying weighted items, from 100g parcels to 100kg shipments. Shipping alone in Australia varies greatly as the country is so large so there could easily be a $30 / $40 / $50 difference in a package going 10 minutes away or 4 hours away. I need domestic customers to be able to able to choose from a selection of domestic carriers (who deal with different weights and dimensions) at the checkout and then need international customers to have the option of choosing shipping prices from a different international carriers I use. I have my own accounts with each carrier and they all have their own API's etc. Is my only way to achieve this the underwhelming thought of moving to Shopify or another platform where this doesn't seem to be such a headache? I see real time shipping is available in the US - but that's useless for the rest of the planet who don't live there. Any suggestions? Isn't this just a standard ecommerce option?!
  2. I've just book-marked your website for future reference. i truly appreciate your help, thanks Colin!
  3. God, you're a legend. That worked immediately. Can you come live with me and fix all of the problems please! Thank you so much - super kind of you to assist
  4. Honesty, I have no idea - if that was something i would have manually added then id say no as I haven't heard of it before (i'm fairly novice!...)
  5. This was the code that worked with Montauk up until I changed template earlier today... <script> $(function() { $('.main-nav li a').each(function () { if ($(this).text() == 'Shop') { $(this).attr('href','https://littleanvil.com/categories/'); $(this).attr('onclick','true'); } }); }); </script>
  6. https://littleanvil.com/ When you click on shop it take you here - https://littleanvil.com/shop I'm trying to get it to take me here (the hidden page) - https://littleanvil.com/categories Thanks!
  7. Hi there. I've just changed my template from Montauk to Brine. On Montauk, i had a little custom code that enabled me to click on the 'shop' button and have that redirected to an unlinked page (basically a categories page that I had created) Originally on Montauk, when you clicked 'shop' it took you nowhere and only opened up the dropdown categories. Since changing over to Brine, this link doesn't work and clicking on shop just takes me to my first product page. The code still looks as though it's in there. Any ideas on what i can do to get it working again?
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