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  1. this didnt work for me. It didnt look right on mobile. Any ideas?
  2. I’ve never seen that before. I called my family abs they all said they didn’t see it either. Wow that’s weird.
  3. Your idea for increasing resolution was really good. I re-ehanced a bunch of photos from a long time ago. They look great.
  4. Trainers near me is a term that is used frequently. Is it too in your face for SEO? I have been thinking about that. I am in the middle of getting a video done (documentary/commercial) and I will probably be changing the front page anyway. I’ll probably leave the SEO in the “back office” of the page. It has been pretty successful. I will delete those low resolution pictures soon and replace them with newly updated higher resolution photos. Some I will keep and use that link you mentioned. Thanks for the helpful input. I appreciate it.
  5. This makes no sense. It isnt an iOS problem. it’s a code issue. Every hear of checking the cable first before anything else? Same analogy applies.
  6. Site URL: https://www.marzarellafitness.com Installed code to code injection for the FB Messenger widget on my site. It was working, but then I had to fix something in the code. I refreshed the page and now the widget that was working is no longer working. I checked all of my settings and couldnt find anything wrong. Can anyone assist? I have a promotional campaign running now and the messenger part is crucial.
  7. I'm playing with moving the testomonials to another page, and services. The styling colors are my gym colors, charcoal black, gold, and white. Not much I can do about that, as I've been using those colors for years. When you say layouts, what would you suggest the layout should be?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I cant do much about the lower quality photos. There's some photos in it from over 15 years ago. I will be replacing some of the older ones with iPhone 11 Pro photos in the months to come. For now, this is the best I can do. I'm on the fence with the logo. I am going to consider your thoughts. As for the scrolling, I fixed it by adding a back to the top button. Thank you again.
  9. Thanks for taking a look. A back button was a great idea, so I added one into the lower right hand corner. It will float as they go down the page. Not entirely sure what you mean by pop. Are you referring to the contrast of the picture? Can you give me more details?
  10. Site URL: https://www.marzarellafitness.com Hi folks, I would appreciate any feedback to my site, good or bad. I have thick skin. Please be honest. If it sucks just tell me why. Thank you very much.
  11. Here it is. I had a few problems with the anchor links I created, but it's fixed now. I appreciate it. www.marzarellafitness.com
  12. I didn't think of it this way. You're right. I wanted to keep my site at 7.0 but I just spent over 9 days at home tweaking a new site. I'm going to 7.1. You seem pretty knowledgeable, Would you mind checking it out?
  13. Site URL: https://www.marzarellafitness.com I'm torn between refreshing my 7.0 website, or just trashing my entire website and starting over with 7.1. I have been working on a new 7.1 site. Lot's of great new features to play with and make the new site even better. Today I found out that the blog posts are unable to migrate to 7.1. I would need to add every one of my blog posts one by one. This is TOTAL BS. So, if I stay with 7.0 and refresh my website, I could use some suggestions to make my site better. I just repainted my new gym. I will be making the colors of the gym the theme colors of my website. The primary is a gold hue, charcoal and white. Any thoughts on how to implement anything or how to proceed? Thanks in advance.
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