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  1. It's not in the "not linked" section. and they have language specific URL's.The blue underline has /en/our-service and the red one, which is not displayed in the navigation, has /ee/teenus as the URL slug. Those slugs are also present in the code injection or else the switch wouldn't work? When I change the home page to be "Our Service" then it disappears from the English menu navigation and the other item appears back again in the Estonian navigation. It's really weird.Regarding the logo home pointing that's fine - im after consistency and navigation clarity. Cheers!
  2. Oh man! Thank you @softworks - i was missing a / in the code injection <- rookie mistake :D! If i could pick your brain a little more then what do you think about the missing navigation item that is set as the homepage? It should appear in the navigation since it's a linked index in the main navigation but it doesn't appear for some reason. Is it because of the code injection or is it squarespace specific that the home page is not visible in the navigation?
  3. Hei! Thank you @softworks for a great step by step guide! It helped me a lot :)! I ran into some difficulty tho in the language switching. When i switch from Estonian to English the URL changes in a way that it returns a 404 error since that page does not exist. ie when i change language the URL firstly is /ee/example-page. When I switch from ee to en then the URL changes to ee/en/example-page instead of the correct path witch would be /en/example-page. When i repeatedly switch to English then the URL gets modified with one /en/ addition per click ie /ee/en/en/en/our-service. So my question is: Where is that URL created and how can i make it so that it will work as intended?You can check it out here www.waremill.com and then try to switch languages on the right hand side.EDIT: Im using the Hayden template.EDIT2: It allso seems to me that the home page is missing from the navigation. Im not sure if it's because of the additional JS or is it squarespace specific that the selected home page is not displayed in the navigation. If i switch the homepage in the Pages menu it disapears from the navigation like it's ignored for a reason. Thanks for everything, Cheers!
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