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  1. I love Squarespace and try to make everything I do fit onto the Squarespace platform, however, I'm wondering if I am trying something that's beyond the scope of SqSp. I'm looking into building a paid membership site with paid content, some sort of community integration (Discourse?), and live events (webinars... ?) all behind a pay wall. I know Squarespace has a bunch of features which might work, but I'm not sure they're the best solution. One alternative platform that has been suggested is https://kajabi.com/ but I don't know if I want to mess with another platform. So what say you? Do you think there's a good way to run a membership site using Squarespace? If so, what are good resources for doing it right? If not, what alternatives would you recommend?
  2. Thank you for the input. Based on some added research I did, and your comments I've decided to use Mailchimp going forward. I think it's more flexible and SS currently is. Thanks again for the help! Your advice was very valuable.
  3. I'd like to add a pop up on my website that invites visitors to download a how-to PDF, then, using the email address they enter I'll begin an email drip campaign. I see Squarespace has all the tools I need but I'm not sure the best practices I should use to do this effectively... or maybe I should separate this and use Mailchimp instead? Here's a bullet list of what I want to do: - create a pop up that says, "hey there! sign up and download this helpful resource that'll solve your problems!" - once they add their email address a PDF is sent to them (it's the resource I mentioned in the popup) - In the following weeks/months I'll send a weekly email with more details, offers, testimonials, etc.. also: - Ideally this same email signup form can be used on my website too. That way I can have the offer in a pop up and in the body of some pages. - Can I export email lists that are created within Squarespace? Assuming this is possible and reasonable within Squarespace, how do I best accomplish it? Do I use Mailing List or Newsletter? Should the free PDF be part of a Store and I just create links to it within my popup? Or is it best to do all of this through a third party like Mailchimp? I guess I'm looking for best practices for creating a popup which trades a visitor's email address for a helpful PDF and a number of emails over the next few months. And should it be done entirely within Squarespace or using a third-party? For reference, I'm trying to recreate this on Squarespace: https://storybrand.com/automated-email-campaign/
  4. What is the best way to display a RSS feed from my Facebook Fan Page on my website? Should I drop the RSS feed into a Code Block? If so how should I format it?
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