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  1. Two things I'm looking for with styling the calendar block: 1) Is it possible to display only the start time on the flyout? I've been able to remove the end time from the calendar list, but on the flyout I can only seem to find a way to remove all times completely. I would like to keep the start time listed. 2) Is it possible to replace the flyout with a simple hover that only covers the cell of that date and not the dates next to it? Currently, for example, if I have dates August 17, 18, 19, 20 -- hovering over 17 causes the flyout to cover 18 and 19. I would like it so that the flyout is only the size of one cell and only covers the cell on the date which you are hovering. The website is currently not published, so I am unable to share a link just yet. I'm attaching a mockup below:
  2. Hello. In the Avenue template, we are given three different footer sections that stack: a page-specific footer, a site-wide footer, and social-links footer. So, All I want is a two column (full width) footer. It seems that I can add columns to the page-specific footer, but not the others. The spacing on this is massive (!) so I am trying to hide ( display: none; ) the site-wide footer and the social links footer. Problem is that for some reason, nothing I try seems to work! I'm really at my wit's end. Please halp!
  3. I'm also having trouble. I am trying to get the logo centered, while keeping the hamburger on the right. Nothing I try seems to work...
  4. Is it possible to display more than 30 past events? I need to display all past events. Thank you!
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