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  1. UPDATE: GTM container code does not get added to the header/footer of the SS page, even if it is properly implemented via code injection (it does appear on all other pages). If anyone has helpful resources for getting SS Commerce data into GA via GTM, please share them.
  2. An experienced marketer told me that he had a client who was trying to track ecommerce on Squarespace using Google Tag Manager but they couldn't track the cart. Google Tag Manager is the standard for e-commerce measurement so I was surprised to hear it but I haven't found any documentation to disprove it (and I have a client who has chosen SS e-Com). Anyone know the current status of Squarespace E-Commerce as it relates to tracking via Google Tag Manager? I'm aware of the GTM implementation process with SS but haven't work with e-commerce yet.
  3. If you're using a colored background, you can use an rgba value (a being 'alpha') in your css. For example, 255, 0, 0, .5 would give you a red color with an opacity of 50%.
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