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  1. I think I managed myself - thanks to the blog entry from @beatrizc This is my full css now and it is working fine: .blog-basic-grid .blog-basic-grid--container .blog-more-link { font-size:0!important} .blog-basic-grid .blog-basic-grid--container .blog-more-link:after{ font-size:1rem!important; font-weight:600!important; content: "READ MORE"; background: #000000 !important; color: #ffffff !important; padding:25px 0px 25px 25px; margin-top:20px; } //To bottom-align the buttons .blog-basic-grid .blog-basic-grid--text { display: flex; flex: 1; flex-direction: column; } .blog-basic-grid .blog-excerpt { margin-bottom: auto; } You find the full blog post about it here: https://www.beatrizcaraballo.com/blog/read-more-links-buttons-bottom-blog-squarespace-7-1
  2. Hello @tuanphan Can you help me with the same issue? The buttons should all be on the same line. Thanks https://library-of-reuse.ch/books This is the css I already use: .blog-basic-grid .blog-basic-grid--container .blog-more-link { font-size:0!important} .blog-basic-grid .blog-basic-grid--container .blog-more-link:after{ font-size:1rem!important; font-weight:600!important; content: "READ MORE"; background: #000000 !important; color: #ffffff !important; padding:25px 0px 25px 25px; margin-top:10px; }
  3. Hi @creedon it is all working now on the live page! I'm so happy 😃 thank you for your help! This is super!
  4. Hi @creedon Thank you for checking! Well, now the function is gone, but I have links in each box that are not working any more now. I believe I need to exclude this section (data-section-id="63f781dcf209a7224ce4e387") from not using the added code https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/make-squarespace-list-items-clickable Any idea how to do that?
  5. Hi @paul2009 The css with display none is working fine now! The website is live now, but I'm facing another issue and I would like to ask your help again? https://www.akupunkturpraxis-luzern.ch/anwendungen-tcm On the 3rd section I have a simple list and on the bottom of the page I have a simple list. I want to exclude the first simple list with the 8 tiles from clicking on the tile. When I hover on desktop with the mouse I can click on each of them. I want to remove this. What exclusion would I need to add? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Hi @paul2009 When I use this code, it will hide all the buttons on all list. I have one section with a simple list "behandlungen" on several pages. How can I hide the buttons on all these sections without the other list above with buttons. I tried several .simple-list css but it is always hiding all list style buttons. This is the website: https://cyan-lizard-tswx.squarespace.com/ This is the password: onlyyou2see Many thanks in advance!
  7. I don't find anything on this topic here in the forum or anything super helpful on Google. So maybe somebody here can help with some tips. I have a client that wants a background video on the website. It is from Adobe Stock, HD quality, 1920x1080px and has 39.4mb in size. How should I optimize this for a fast loading website? Pixel size? mb size? quality? Software to export? Many thanks 🙏
  8. Hi Kathy, I did a Google search on the same topic and found your forum entry. Not being able to send invoices via Squarespace is a bummer when you are based in the EU. I'm from Switzerland and it's common to get paid by bank transfer, especially for B2B. The automated invoice function you are looking for will only work with an e-commerce system like WooCommerce or Shopify. If you like to go around the credit card payment fees from Squarespace you would need to set up a direct link to Stripe/PayPal for the invoice. If you like more details, please let me know. I also found a link - this is a work around solution with Shopify: https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/how-to-add-afterpay-ideal-klarna-or-zip-pay-to-squarespace I also thought about this solution because I also build Shopify shops. Maybe this helps, maybe you already found a solution.
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