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  1. I transferred my www.brownstudy.info domain from InMotion Hosting to SqSp on Thursday. I want to point that domain to a micro.blog site and then repurpose my SqSp area for a new domain. Should brownstudy.info be the Primary domain when I point to the other site? Or should it be non-Primary? I would like to drop the "www." but this can only be done from the Primary domain. Should I drop the www., then wait 24 hours for the new name to propagate, before pointing to the other site? And again, should that be done with the domain Primary? I tried doing this the other day and got very confused; I was likely pressing too many buttons at once. I had dropped the "www", made the domain non-primary, and added an A record pointing to the other site. I deleted the default SqSp DNS settings, also. At that point, of course, the site went offline but I could not get the other site to "see" the domain. Did I do something wrong, should I have waited? Thanks for any help. I'm prepared to contact SqSP support directly if that's more appropriate. Mike
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