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  1. THANK YOU !! I was literally going crazy all day. I'm new to this whole thing and created a Google Analytics account but couldn't find the UA number for the life of me. that's just because I didn't have any. deleted my old and made a new one following these steps and was able to integrate it to my SS account. thanks again !!
  2. Also, it seems that the main homepage background video will not launch if I don't create a blank sub-page to the homepage structure. If that makes sense. Anybody has an idea why? Thank you so much
  3. Site URL: http://hkcorp.com Hello Squarespace community, We're currently revamping our company website (hkcorp.com) and created some really cool background videos for the homepage as well as navigation between pages. The only thing is, now that it's live, we realize it's not working on mobile for some reason. I've looked everywhere and read many different posts of people asking somewhat similar questions but I'm still uncertain of what it is we can do. Do we have to forego background videos completely ? Or is there a workaround to make them autoplay on mobile devices ? We host on a business Vimeo account. Thanks for your help everyone, Have a great day !
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