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  1. Site URL: https://philipus.com/journal Hello Is there a way to make the blog take up less than the full width of the page? I'm wondering both about the list of blog posts and individual posts. I know that I can add spacers when I create blog posts but that's time consuming and also doesn't always work well. Basically I'd like to set a right margin, preferably of a percentage of the page width. Thank you in advance Philip
  2. Thank you very much, but that still only affects the first page (the Tribunal). The pages "below" that page in the structure still have the heading up at the edge of the window.
  3. Thank you very much, that's brilliant. I tried to changed the padding-top to 20 but it only affects the "The Tribunal" page, which is the starting page of the photo project. The sub-sections (such as "The President") are at zero padding. How can I add the same amount of padding to the sub-sections? I tried with "second-child" but it changes nothing. Cheers Philip
  4. Hi Tuan, I meant these three areas of padding.
  5. Site URL: https://philipus.com/the-tribunal-contents Hello everyone In my new photo project I have several pages that I have set up identically, at least I thought I had. They all have a text block at the top and images below. But on one page – the left one below – there is extra padding above the heading. I can't figure out where the extra padding comes from and why it is only applied to that one page. I'm sure I did the same when I created the pages: in the text block I added an H2 heading under which I wrote the text, formatted as Normal. In fact, I quite like the extra padding and would like to have it on all the other pages too. I've tried copying text from the Tribunal page to the other pages, but then the headings default to being padding-less. Thank you in advance for any ideas. Philip
  6. Hi Tuan My apologies for not replying until now. For some reason I didn't get an email notification of your post. It's strange. When I posted my question there would always be a large empty black space above the image description where the image title would be located even when image title field wasn't filled out in the image description dialog box. But suddenly that changed without my having added custom CSS. I'm wondering about the padding around the image description text though. Is there a way to adjust that? Kind regards Philip
  7. Site URL: https://philipus.com/tribunal-gallery Hello everyone I'm stuck. I've tried various solutions from the forum to hide only the image title – not the description – on lightboxed photos on my site, but I only manage to hide both or none. See the page above and click the first image "The entrance to Chambers". Also see the below screenshot. It is the text "test" that I wish to remove, not only hide, to prevent there from being no empty black space above the description. I'd like it gone from both desktop and mobile. I use a gallery block on the Wells template, v. 7.0. I've tried this CSS for instance: .yui3-lightbox2 .sqs-lightbox-meta .image-title { visibility: hidden; !important; } Thank you kindly in advance Philip
  8. Hi Thomas, my apologies for the delay in writing back. I was travelling for a few days. I'll keep looking but I realise it's a Hail Mary because it would probably mess too much with the page layout. I've really appreciated your help so thank you again very much for that. Best Philip
  9. Hi Thomas, once again thank you for helping me with such detail. Your CSS works perfectly now, wonderful. Thank you also for explaining how collections work and linking to that page which I had overlooked. If I may just ask one more thing. In an ideal world I'd like the caption to be below the images. This would make the gallery appear like it would in a book. Do you think that is possible with Gallery Blocks or will that interfere with the page containers somehow? The only alternative I've found when looking at page and layout options is the Gallery Page, where the caption appears to the left of the light-boxed image (unless the browser window is less tall than the sidebar, in which case they float to the right). See here for an example – https://philipus.com/chambers2/. Best
  10. Thank you very much Thomas, this code largely works. Unfortunately the font family doesn't change, even if I add "important!". I also tried "Serif". Could non-serif be hardwired into Wells? I notice now that the background is needed on mobile, where captions display in the white space below the images. Is it possible to make the transparency remain on mobile only? How does #collection-xxxxx work – is a collection the images in one and the same Gallery Block? If so, I could perhaps stack several such #collection-xxxx tags at the beginning of the Custom CSS code to address those Gallery Blocks specifically?
  11. Site URL: https://philipus.com/chambersgallery Hello everybody I generally use pages with Gallery Blocks on my site and I am currently adding a few such pages for a specific photo project. For this photo project I would like to include image caption overlays on all images, something I otherwise don't do. How can I style the image captions in the Gallery blocks on the pages of this project only? The styling I'd like to to is the following: 1) remove the title field, 2) change the font family and font size, and 3) either remove the black overlay or make it almost entirely transparent. I have linked to a trial page I have created and also include a screenshot below which I hope helps explain what I seek to achieve. Thank you very kindly in advance Philip
  12. Unfortunately not. I have deleted all images which had the bar and reuploaded them. Now the bar is gone. Damned weird. Thanks for your help though Philip
  13. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. That particular photo was shot with a Hasselblad and I chose to keep the frame embedded into the negative when I scanned it. It is not the overlay I mean. What I mean is this: That black bar appears on some images but not all.
  14. cities and architecture galleryThank you for your reply. For some reason I didn't get an email notification and in the midst of all this home schooling the last few weeks I forgot to check in. My apologies. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure this out. I "inspected element" on the black bar that appears and the code reads: <p class="" data-rte-preserve-empty="true" style="white-space:pre-wrap;"></p> Or at least I think that's the code. As soon as I move the cursor the bar disappears. EDIT: Today I added five new images to the cities and architecture gallery. They are images 2-6. They don't have the black bar. It is truly strange, the whole thing. I'm very grateful for any suggestion. Best regards Philip
  15. Site URL: https://philipus.com Hello I'm sure this is a setting somewhere and I feel a bit dumb for not having found it so apologies in advance... I use the Wells template and plain pages with gallery blocks for my galleries. In this gallery https://philipus.com/cities-architecturegallery there is an overlay on images even though there is no information in the Title and Description fields of each image. The same is happening in this gallery at the last several images https://philipus.com/til-dawngallery. I have tried deleting the Title and Description text but the overlay doesn't disappear if I do. How can I remove these overlays? Thanks in advance Philip
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