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  1. 20 minutes ago, paul2009 said:


    This is a frequent request but it's still not possible. If a customer wants to purchase a subscription product and a non-subscription product, they need to checkout TWICE!  It's a terrible user experience, right?

    Subscriptions are the poor cousin of Squarespace Commerce, so I'm hoping that someone from the Product Team will step in and provide some positive news soon. I shared a list of subscription limitations with Squarespace. You'll find it here: Squarespace Commerce Limitations.

    Thanks for your reply. Yea, this absolutely needs to be considered and updated. 

    Separately, great work you are doing through your co. I've checked it out before and will be using some of your features. 

  2. Site URL: https://ththealth.org

    Circlers, in search of fresh, dynamic nav bar ideas? I currently have a flexible menu in place but I am looking to replace due to customer feedback/challenges with hover and load on this one.

    Because this is a health plan, the nav is essentially a site map and fairly robust w categories, access links. 

    Please share any site ideas, inspiration and/or plug-in options.

    Thank you!

  3. Good question. Since I am design-first with my work, I don't start with a site but rather inspo and build from there. I love behance! Such great talent. Though, for functionality, I am loving:

    For full-bleed: Hotel Joaquin https://hoteljoaquin.com/

    For white space: THT Health https://ththealth.org

    For retail - food: Brightland (love the detail and nuance) https://brightland.co/ 

    For retail - product: LeLabo https://www.lelabofragrances.com

  4. Circlers, I've been researching integrating Shopify into Squarespace and have found some great insight in this community - of course! Looking to talk 1 : 1 with a Circle member who has expertise in this integration. Please connect here or hello@orlovdesignco.com 

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