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  1. We are in the process of opening a rental studio. I want an availability section of my site where people can see the availability of the rentable spaces. We will offer 2 spaces. (Studio A and Studio B) I have an iCloud calendar for each of those spaces to manage bookings. Lots of the paid services out there are designed more for booking. I don't need that. I strictly need it to show the availability. So these paid services are way to expensive for what I need. Especially once you implement 2 calendars. the closest I've found so far is www.availabilitycalendar.com. But it doesn’t break down the times at all. If there is a one hour booking, it shows the entire day as unavailable. Since people can either rent Studio A, Studio B or Both together. Ideally, I want people to be able to see the availability of both spaces/calendars in ONE tool. I would love them to be able to find the date they are after on a monthly view. Click on it. and see and expanded day, showing available time slot for either Studio A or Studio B (or both). Does anyone have any leads for me? Does it exist? Or can someone refer me to a coder who could build this for me? Cheers.
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