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  1. Ah yeah that will do it. Thanks.
  2. https://www.animatable.co/test-2-1 I still have not been able to fix this.
  3. I am trying to build a 3-column layout with a mix of twitter and instagram posts (not mine). I use a series of code blocks, added in the correct (?) order - all the first column top-to-bottom, then all the second column, etc. The code itself is standard 'embed code' provided by twitter and instagram. When I am in edit mode the spacing makes sense. But once saved, some blocks get a huge extra spacing between them. But this is not consistent and I can't figure out a fix. It used to work ok in 7.0 so I'm thinking this might be related to the new grid engine. Everything looks great in mobile view too, where all 3 columns become one single full-width column. Any ideas how to fix this ? I don't think I have the option to go back to the 7.0 section. Thanks
  4. kitkats

    Social Sharing on 7.1

    Here's how I worked around this problem. This works for SS 7.1 but you will need a plan with access to code blocks. Head over to this website (that I found by searching) and choose 'Inline horizontal sharebar' at step 1. At step 2, you can click on a button's trashcan icon to remove that button. You can click and drag buttons to re-order them. You can search for another social network's button and add that. At step 3, click on 'Select a template' and choose how you want your buttons to look. Note that some design styles look the same here, but they may have different mouseover behaviours, which you can see in… Step 4: Check it all looks right. At Step 5, make sure you click on 'Automatically use active page details' to check it. You will need to leave it set to 'With JS' on the green button toggle. Ok so now the page gives you three sections of code: In Header, In Body and Before </body>. If you are happy to use the externally hosted code you can proceed with these as they are written. However, if you want to self-host, you will need to jump through a few hoops, as follows: ---------- Download the two files linked at the bottom of the page - socializer.css and socializer.js. You can right-click on the links and Save File As… etc. Note that the linked files have two periods in the file names. These filenames may be altered by your PC when you download them. Either way, for Squarespace I recommend you rename them to socializermin.css and socializermin.js - with only one period, separating the name from the file extension. (Squarespace's upload system does not like files with multiple periods in the name). Now, over in your Squarespace editor, you're going to head to Pages > Not Linked and click the + button, then select Link from the list of page types. In the pop-up, click the gear icon to bring up the Link Editor. Then head to File and click UPLOAD FILE. Select one of your downloaded and renamed files and upload it, then repeat for the other one. You should now see those files listed in the Link Editor, so click on one of them to select it and click SAVE in the top-left. Take note of how the link is formed in the text field. It's probably just /s/socializermin.js which is good. You don't need to actually create a link so now just click Close and then Discard. ---------- OK. Now, back in the main Squarespace editor let's go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. If you're using the externally hosted code, you just need to copy and paste the In Header code (from step 5 of the Aakash website) into the Header section, and the Before </body> code into the Footer section. If you are using the self-hosted code files that you uploaded to Squarespace, you will need to amend the code slightly. This is what worked for me: Header code <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../s/socializermin.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.15.3/css/all.css"> Footer code <script src="../s/socializermin.js"></script> <script> (function(){ socializer( '.socializer' ); }()); </script> Note that I added two periods before that /s/… part that the Link Editor gave me earlier. If this doesn't work for you, you may need to try the complete URL of your site here, eg. "https://www.mywebsitename.com/s/socializermin.js" Don't forget to now SAVE this code injection. Nearly there… Now, if you're happy to have your sharing buttons BELOW your blog post's content, you can go to Pages > Blog > Settings (gear icon) > Advanced > Post Blog Item Code Injection and then paste in the code from the In body (from step 5 of the Aakash website) section. Maybe it'll be something like this: <div class="socializer" data-features="32px,opacity,icon-white,pad" data-sites="facebook,twitter,reddit,print,email,rss,whatsapp"></div> The nice thing about this whole method is that you can go back later and only amend this single piece of code in your blog settings, to add or remove buttons and change their style. You don't need to edit the injected Header and Footer code. And the buttons will automatically create links to the current blog post, they don't need customising for every post (unlike the sharingbuttons.io ones someone else mentioned. If you want your sharing buttons somewhere else, eg. below your blog post title and before the content (like most blogs) you will unfortunately have to add a code block in to every single blog post and add the same In Body code to those blocks. Or maybe Squarespace will get their act together and just add the old functionality back in 🙄 if everyone submits a request for it. Re. self-hosting vs external hosting. The advantage of using the developer's externally linked code is that they can update it when Facebook, Twitter etc change their API. This is good (if they actually do it). The disadvantage is the developer, or a hacker that gained access to their account, could modify the code and attempt to install something malicious in it's place which your site would then be loading. Personally I think that is unlikely and I have used the externally hosted code. My instructions for self-hosting failed to also take account of the css file from fontawesome.com so for total belt-and-braces you might want to upload that one too.
  5. Is it just me or is the email / profiles implementation EXTREMELY limited? The filters for segmentation are based on order dates or amounts but there is no way to segment all customers who bought a specific product, or didn't buy it. I can add tags but only to one profile at a time!!? I cannot filter all my customers who signed up organically, or the ones I imported. Even with the date filters you can only find users 'before' OR 'after' a date - there's no way to filter profiles from BETWEEN two dates. How is anyone actually using this system? It is SO far behind the other dedicated email marketing platforms. I wish I had looked deeper into how ridiculously limited it is before I paid for it.
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