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  1. @christyprice –that's a much more efficient and effective way than I was going about it. Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, @christyprice! So, I am currently setup with two separate Index Pages (screenshot). Is this what you recommend with your code –adding it to the overall CSS, then? Thanks again 🙂
  3. @christyprice I love this solution and arrived at something similar for my sites, too. One problem I am running into is essentially the use of Relative Links in the nav menu. So, for example, when users arrive at my site (www.mitchbakker.com) via mobile, they landing page, url slug /home-mobile, is great –but then the primary nav links still point to the url slug /home. So, the user naturally clicks to go "home" at some point, and then they are met with the desktop version of /home. Any thoughts on how to provide a solution?
  4. Yep. I did. I sure did. Gah! Forgot I put that in at the very beginning of the project. SMH. Thanks for helping @tuanphan!
  5. Site URL: http://www.mitchbakker.com I am running into an issue (Brine Template) where the Home Page (/home) Primary Nav Menu utilizes Anchor Links (#example), which properly auto scrolls to a place on the Home Page with content relating to #example, but then clicking through to a new "Example" page (/example), ends up retaining the same Primary Nav Menu...which then is broken (because #example only works on the Home Page (/home)). Essentially, I'm wondering how best to implement Relative Links in Squarespace? How are you folks utilizing an anchor link in a nav menu, and then redirecting back to the home page after that? If you visit the site soon after this posting, you'll find that the closest solution I can come up with is to include: /home#blog in the Nav Menu, so that it at least redirects back home. But even then, it's not going to that section on the Home Page for some reason X) Thoughts? Thanks, folks!
  6. Site URL: http://www.mitchbakker.com I'm running into a problem where two Index Sub-Pages are not retaining proper padding when scaled for mobile only. Specifically, the third sub-page which includes a quote (/book) is improperly laying over the second sub-page (/about) which has an Image Block with Overlap design. Please see SS where the Quote is way too far up... I have checked the Site Styles > Padding, all seems in order. Any suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks!
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