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  1. This is the site draft. It's not designed. I am just working out the logistic before i design. but this is the link https://saffron-gecko-cedm.squarespace.com/home-burke pw: StudioC Hi Tuanphan... i think i figured out a workaround with this code: #wk2 { .Index-page-content { padding: 0px!important; max-width: 100%; .sqs-block { padding: 0px!important; } .image-inset.content-fit { height: 100% but the padding is jenky so i had to add a spacer before the text block. attached a screenshot of the section. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hi Tuanphan... thanks for the reply. Looking to do a split layout with a slideshow like how it is displayed on this site in the recent work section of the homepage....https://studiomerdesign.com/. the images are automatically showing images after a few seconds on one side and text on the other side.
  3. Site URL: https://studiomerdesign.com/ Hello, I am looking to create a full width split layout with a slideshow like the recent work section on this site....https://studiomerdesign.com/ I figured out how to do full widh split layout but only with an image block card. Any ideas? Thank you
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