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  1. Site URL: https://magnolia-flower-z3ss.squarespace.com/about Password Foundation I'm getting a weird thing where the image and text jumps to a few pixels bigger as you start to scroll on mobile (video attached). I just want it to look smooth and stay the same size as on load. RPReplay_Final1614606256.MP4
  2. Site URL: https://magnolia-flower-z3ss.squarespace.com/apparel?p I'm looking to have a few different portfolios on my site (as you can't filter by tags or categories on portfiols) and I don't want to use blogs because of the limited ability to customize the look as well as the limited visuals of the summary blog. I'm looking to have the text layout from the Portfolios main page, but i need to stack a few different portfolios on one page. So it' would be SUMMARY PAGE > APPAREL PORTFOLIO, FOOTWEAR PORTFOLIO, ETC > INDIVID PORTFOLIO PAGES. Another solution would be to filte
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