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  1. @SRD sorry for the delay! Can't say I comment much seeing I'm still learning, so don't check SS Answers that frequently. The Chrome extension @tuanphan provided is a great tool! It's definitely helped me a few times for tricky identifying. Anyway, just looked at your site and it seems you figured it out! Right? I checked the mobile view and no longer saw that grey border. Hopefully using the inspector pointed you in the right direction.
  2. Have you tried adding top-padding to the specific block ID? I'm no SquareSpace expert but learning more each week. Looking at your site, this might help. @media screen and (max-width:767px) { #block-e1529efedc90a5acf0e0 .sqs-block .video-block .sqs-block-video { padding-top: 200px; } }
  3. Wow you rock! I need to learn more about the "first child" element as I keep seeing it referenced in Square Space CSS. The image displays so much better now, really appreciate your help the code worked perfectly! I almost replied to ask about the empty margin space up top, but once I changed margin-top to 0 it was exactly like I wanted! 🙂 Attached a before and after. Hopefully there's no pitfalls of me changing to a zero margin. Now I'm going to find some info about the SquareSpace child elements. Clearly not using them to their full potential!
  4. I agree on having better management of the imported images. On one hand, I see the danger of a user deleting an image that's used in multiple locations without realizing. On the other, like the user above I've uploaded 3-4 different versions of the company Logo with different padding amounts. Even though I clicked "delete" on each wrong version and only clicked "Save" once when done editing the Header, it still saved each of the Logo versions I tested out. Wish I could delete the others to avoid any confusion in the future. I also tried a method I read about accessing the (Link) panel while editing any text and clicking the Gear > then going to the "File" tab but there wasn't anything there. Not sure if that method ever had a chance of working anyway.
  5. @tuanphan hope that SS has you on their payroll! lol After going through this lengthy chain and seeing how many people you've helped. Hoping you, or someone else, can help me out! I've tried various bits of code throughout this chain but none of the results have worked. I'm trying to resize the entire section (text included) if possible, but it only resizes the banner image and the <h1> doesn't move. I would like to implement this on every single page, I understand the 'collection' or 'section' will be different for each but was hoping you could help me with 1 page and I would implement on every page. Just not sure if I'm swapping in all of the correct pieces of information. www.bachandlafleurgc.com pw: build
  6. @tuanphan you rock, TY so much! I didn't realize you could target links in that manner. Was curious if it was going to affect anything else, as I also made the bottles clickable, but so far so good! Now need to learn other ways I can use that same technique!
  7. Need help on this! Worked with SquareSpace a few years and familiar with inspecting to find custom Block ID's for CSS. However this is proving more difficult than anticipated! I have to access the cached result on many Google listings because SS-Answers no longer hosts those answers. (frustrating) So I'm trying to custom color all 4 buttons on this page. (https://www.fruniti.com/products) Step-2 will be messing with hover and other features, but at this point I can't get past Step-1. Was able to custom color ALL the buttons with last line of code, but cannot target specific button even after trying various #block IDs! Just hitting walls! Saw other posts where users suggested targeting "collections", but I don't see those listed near my button in code. I would prefer to avoid using the code block, as this seems like it should be achievable through CSS alone. (i think) /* MANGO MOOD */ #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1566923613385_11113 h2 a { color:#ea9d39 } #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1566923613385_11113 h3 { color:#ea9d39 } /* BUTTON */ .small-button-shape-pill .sqs-block-button-element--small { background-color: #ea9d39 }
  8. @Low-toneworx - you rock!! Worked perfect for the desktop pages! Now I'm trying to figure out how to apply this to mobile view. I setup for (max-width: 640px) then used that
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