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  1. HI Tuan, solved. Switched fonts, saved. Refreshed page. Switched back to the original font. Saved. Fixed. -Thank you so much.
  2. I'm using Neue Haas Grotesk Display, a SS font for all headlines. It looks fine on the build site in SS, but the published site replaces the font with something else. Any ideas why? https://96intheshade.xyz pass: slimshady
  3. HI Tuan, In a summary block, I would like to change the image position for blog post to appear at the top of each blog posts when viewed on mobile.

    Site is at kristen-dilandro.squarespace.com. Password: kiki



    1. barrysutton


      Hey Tuan, just checking to see if you have seen this. Thanks!

  4. Hi Tuan, did you happen to see this note? Still having an issue explained above. Thank you very much!
  5. Wow almost there, I was able to tweak this to work, but the Event Date box is still sitting off the the right - how can I pull this back to the top right corner of the thumbnail container? -Barry
  6. Hi Tuan, This reduces the image size, but the grey bounding box still remains. I have made the change to the page if you can check it out. Thanks so much. -Barry
  7. Hi Tuan, how can I resize the thumbnail images on the events page in 7.1? I picked up some code from a previous post of your from last year but that didn't work. Thanks so much.


  8. Hi Tuan, I'm trying to resize the image thumbnail on my events page. How is this done in 7.1?


    Thank you so much.

  9. Hey Tuan, this code isn't resizing the images on my events page. Any idea why?http://narrativehealing.com/events-2
  10. The backup image I added for mobile pops up in between the video loop on my homepage banner. Any way to fix this? The site is socialservic.es. If you watch the video until it loops you'll see the issue.

    Thank you for any assistance!

  11. Site URL: http://www.lisaweinert.com Does anyone know how to customize the automated order emails based on product purchased? I would like to send a different notice depending on the product someone purchases. Thank you!
  12. I noticed my events page excerpts on 7.1 do not have the Read More text or arrow. How can I add this below the excerpt other than adding a button or link? Thanks!
  13. Thank you so much - you are a rock star. Remind me where I can send a tip?
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