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  1. Site URL: https://enchantedlion.com/events Hi, Is in SquareSpace 7.0 is there a way to have some default text like "There are currently no events scheduled" show up on an Events page when there are no events scheduled? It looks a bit bare in there: https://enchantedlion.com/events Thanks, Pat
  2. Hi, I'm using Brine in 7.0 and see that at 641px viewport width, side-by-side elements respond to stack vertically instead. This is exactly what I want, but I would like that same global behaviour to happen at 700px width, not 641px Is there a CSS rule that I could add to do this or even some jQuery? Thanks for any help you can offer. Patrick - PS - sorry I can't post the site page right now as it is under wraps for a press release next month.
  3. Hi, I have the same issue. My inventory is not sorted alphabetically, but on the Store page I've created I would like the products to appear sorted alphabetically. Do I really need to use drag and drop for each product to do this on the page (or buy an expensive plugin)? I've looked everywhere I can think of and can't see how to do it otherwise. Thanks, Patrick
  4. Many thanks for the reply, paul2009 Just to make sure I’ve got what you’re saying - are these correct? - A subdomain managed by Squarespace can’t be used to point to a directory in an existing site - it must point to ‘/‘ So if I wanted to use https://new-imprint.main-domain.com it would either have to point to a separate SquareSpace site or it would point back to ‘/‘ of https://main-domain.com - A separate Squarespace site obviously can’t share a cart with another site. - Best plan then is to put a new Store page and other additional pages for the new imprint at ‘/new-imprint’
  5. Hi, I'm trying to help a friend. They have an existing small publishing-business site using Squarespace and Squarespace Commerce to sell books from their catalog. In May, they plan to add a subdomain to the site for a new imprint so that they can send visitors interested in that new catalog/imprint straight to a sub-section of the site. So, something like: https://main-domain.com https://new-imprint.main-domain.com The new imprint will have a separate catalog of books, but at the same time, we'd like to use a single instance of Commerce so that a visitor to the domain can add/buy books from both catalogs with a single cart. My questions: - I'm assuming we can categorize the new imprint's books within the Commerce inventory then serve only items from that catalog to a product page on the subdomain. Is the feasible? - Could we also filter out the sub imprint's books from the primary domain's product page? - Will Commerce's cart instance be sustained over the domain and subdomain? In other words, if a user adds a book from the primary domain and the subdomain to their cart, will a single cart instance be created that contains both items? - Has anyone with experience already done this and if so, can you forewarn me of any pitfalls? I'm an experienced Laravel and WordPress dev, so can hopefully grasp technical answers in Squarespace speak, if required. This is my first time dipping a toe in Squarespace—I am very impressed. Thanks, Pat
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