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  1. It's still at the bottom. At least I didn't crash Squarespace, though!
  2. Squarespace is back up. I was able to get the text to print! The only bad thing is that one wouldn't see it without scrolling. I would have liked it to be below the text and above the page footer, but maybe that's not easily done.
  3. I picked the best possible time to ask this question, right? Hopefully, Squarespace w/b up soon.
  4. Awesome! If it's not too much trouble (and possible), can I add text explaining that they'll be redirected? I know a little bit of HTML but that's it.
  5. Here's my thinking on this: the website www.mindfulcuisine.com offers cooking classes. People sign up for them on the website. There is a page on the website, General Info, that we want all participants to read before coming to class. There's also an Information and Liability Release form that we want the purchasers and any guests to complete prior to class. We've encouraged this on all the product-related pages, as well as the order confirmation email. We still have purchasers who don't fill out the form or don't ask their guests to read the page and complete the form. We end up having them d
  6. Hi, everyone. I'm hoping for some help with code injection. Normally, I'd just play around with it myself, but since this is the checkout page, I need it to work right the first time! I would like people who check out to see the usual confirmation page, but after a few seconds, be directed to another page on the site (general-info). If possible, the usual confirmation page would show additional text saying something like, "Redirecting to General Information page..." also. I think I go to Settings/Advanced/Code Injection and down to Order Confirmation Page, but then.... ? Thanks
  7. Hi Paul2009, Thanks for this. I was able to replace the phone field with a text field, and it autofilled without my having to do a code injection, which is good because I don't know JavaScript! I tested the change with an Apple device; hopefully it works with other device types as well.
  8. Squarespace forms utilize three separate fields (or four, if country code is used) for telephone numbers. Unfortunately, this seems to prevent smartphones / personal computers from using their autofill feature to fill in the information automatically. It also necessitates tabbing at least twice to fill in the telephone number manually. I could replace the telephone number field with a text field to address the tabbing issue, but the autofill feature still wouldn't work. Is anything in the works to address this, or is there a workaround?
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