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  1. Site URL: https://jolsonweddings.com/ Anyone have any tips on CSS I could use to modify the buttons at the bottom of my homepage? I would love to make it so that the large button heights are consistent in size regardless of the text in the center. Screenshot attached. jolsonweddings.com
  2. Hey there, it almost looks like the "%" before the table is in it's own text block, have you tried removing it from the page using the edit tools? Here's the code I'm seeing when I inspect it:
  3. After hours of fiddling with code, I was able to come up with my own solution. <script> $('.sqs-block-summary-v2').map(function(val, i) { this.innerHTML = this.innerHTML.replace(/,/g, ' '); }) </script> Removes all commas from the Squarespace Catagory Metadata when using summery in Version 7.0.
  4. Site URL: https://jolsonweddings.com/stories I'm looking for a way to target and replace commas in my blog summery block, so that the metadata below the title displays as "Destination Wedding" instead of "Destination, Wedding". I'm hoping there's a way to target and replace the comma with some kinda of script, I was able to do something similar with my homepage using the following code: Can't seem to do the same with the Blog Summary though, anyone have any ideas?
  5. Site URL: https://jolsonweddings.com/ I'm trying to locate a font that squarespace is loading with my site, despite me not (knowingly) using it anywhere on my site or in my custom css. The css font is: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lora%3A700|Lustria%3A400 How do I find and remove this font from my site? I worry it's hidden somewhere in site styles.
  6. Site URL: https://jolsonweddings.com/ Is it possible to still export out your Style Pack? I'm hoping to use a tool like https://cheers-studios.com/squarespace-font-optimizer to replace all the fonts on my site and stop Squarespace from loading in fonts I don't use. Does anyone know how to Export Style Pack/Import Style Pack?
  7. I believe for the search icon, you can turn that off in Design > Site Styles > Header:Layout > Search Position: Hide You'll also want to do the same for Mobile: Search Icon > Position: Hide To make the navigation menu accessible, you'll need to add some HTML to the footer of your site using code injection, I've included a blog post I wrote below that includes the code and explains how to install and audit it. https://jolsonweddings.com/education/squarespace-buttons-accessible-name Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions. Josh
  8. Hey John, I've wrote up a short script that should solve your problem, I've included it in this blog post I wrote explaining how to solve the accessibility button issue: https://jolsonweddings.com/education/squarespace-buttons-accessible-name In short, you just have to add some extra HTML to your footer to give the buttons Aria-labels. Good luck! J.Olson
  9. Hey AshtonReeves, I wrote about a solution to your problem here, check it out: https://jolsonweddings.com/education/squarespace-buttons-accessible-name In short, you just need to add some HTML code to the footer of your site, I've included the script I used to fix the accessibility issue in the blog post. Cheers, J.Olson
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