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  1. @JI_N_YCHi, sorry for the late reply. It should be placed in Custom CSS. Not sure why it isn't working for you. If we could somehow access your site, maybe that would help? This is what it looks like on my site:
  2. Hi, I used this code and it seems to work. You will have to adjust values to suit your needs, but I hope it helps! .sqs-block-archive .archive-block-setting-layout-dropdown .archive-group-list{ z-index: 2000; position: absolute; width:60%; background-color:rgba(236, 236, 236, 0.9);}
  3. @aniqbal This code worked for me, hope it helps! .tweak-index-nav-position-left .Index-nav-text {transform: translatex(-10px)}
  4. I'm looking to do the same thing but with a List style summary block. Can you help? Thanks
  5. @tuanphanThanks for that, I was looking to do the same thing. Any idea why the text is not left aligned, and how to fix that? Thank you!
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