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  1. I had a similar issue - reduced the font size and used the minimum number of words - little bit of a hack - did you find a more elegant solution?
  2. Hi @chmitchy did you manage to get a handle on this issue? I am using Tudor which is part of the Skye family -and have noticed this also but not all articles - Google Says you can tell them which date you prefer but there is no guarantee. See this article I would like the date modified to display under the title does anyone know if this is possible? thanks Steve
  3. Yes works great. Assuming you have Squarespace eCommerce enabled - USE Code Injection and paste the code they give you into Order Confirmation Section. Will look something like this <img src="https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?amount={orderSubtotal}&tracking={orderId}&transtype=sale&merchantID=xxxxxxx" width="1" height="1"> Found it worked fine. You could also checkout Tap Affiliate
  4. Excellent Answer - worked perfectly for me thanks! It would be nice if Squarespace would address this with a multi-column responsive table block and some styling options
  5. Do you know how to make this work for a cover page form to an internal page? ThanksCorrection: Does not seem to work in Firefox or Edge but work great in Chrome for Cover Page form-- Any ides?
  6. works great - thanks - one question - when the page first loads should you see the sections that are hidden displayed - then hide/disappear until the button is clicked
  7. if you want a different color background for the text block is that possible with css using this technique?
  8. you you to close the close quote at the end of the word blank if i'm reading this correctly e.g. "target="_blank"
  9. neither btw - it was after saving the link, to open externally, it did not take affect at first. Seemed to take 5-10 min then worked - did not seem like a cache issue- but that was in march.
  10. Rony I do not know if this can be done in SS with some code, but I have used Jotform for exactly this type of conditional functionality - the forms are easily embedded. check it out
  11. I have noticed this delay on other things implemented - why is that?
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