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    DanielLucasDesigns reacted to Justin414 in Navigation Link Hover Animation Change   
    @DanielLucasDesigns Do you have the password for this website? I would love to help you with your issue. It is fairly simple to change the hover colors. I want to make sure I am targeting the correct links. 
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    DanielLucasDesigns reacted to humxahafeex in Change Navigation Style   
    Hi , This Question is already answerd Please have a look  , Hope it helps 🙂
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    DanielLucasDesigns reacted to tuanphan in Create Button That Turns Into Form   
    Use Anything Lightbox Plugin
    Easy to do with this plugin 
    1. Create a block or page (with contact form)
    2. Insert a button
    3. Insert link to button with format
    If you use contact page: #lightbox>page-url, eg: #lightbox>contact Plugin documentation is detail 😉 You can contact plugin author to get support.
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