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  1. As a followup. I tried removing the language switcher from the main nav and using the announcement bar. I thought maybe the styling of the switcher was the cause. And since I'm new to SquareSpace, do you have to turn on developer mode to access the template's CSS files? Is there a easy way to simply view the files. I can find links to them by viewing the page source, but there's a bunch of them and not sure which one I should look at first. Thanks for any guidance!
  2. @softworks or anyone else - I'm having the same issue with the Bedford Template. I think it's determining horizontal vs vertical appearance of the main nav based on the width of the menu items for both languages. If I only have 3 items for each language, the nav is horizontal like I want it (all 6 items would fit horizontally too which I think is why it works). As soon as the items for both languages won't fit horizontally, the menu appears vertical even though the items for one language will fit horizontally without a problem. Can I fix this through CSS or insert the code somewhere else?
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