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  1. Looks like Scheduling is embedded in an iframe loading content from https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php and I am hoping to get my Google tracking code in these pages. Can anyone guide me on how to make that happen please?
  2. Site URL: https://www.earthysoul.com We have Scheduling running on our website and I am wondering how I can track conversions for my Google Ads, does anyone have any experience on how it can be set up? Additionally I'd like to track user behavior for Scheduling interactions, we have the Google Analytics code implemented but I don't think it can track the Scheduling pages. Thanks for any feedback!
  3. @BeeperChirp yes. You need to use CSS Media Queries to achieve different layouts in desktop and mobile.
  4. This worked for me. There are two separate Code Injection windows users can get to. I used the one on, Home -> Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection window.
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