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  1. Hi @bayofguinea I was searching for something similar and found another post that mentioned this fab free plugin by @colin.irwin : https://www.silvabokis.com/squarespace-tips/tidying-up-grid-galleries-in-squarespace You can tweak the CSS to show just 1 image by using 'nth-child(n+2)' and then edit your gallery grid settings to show 1 thumbnail 🙂
  2. I would love to know any code for this also, which would allow the Gallery Carousel to loop, rather than "rewind" back to the start. Did you have any luck @bheiberg? Thanks, Anna
  3. Site URL: https://overlandervehicles.co.uk Hi guys, On the homepage, the parallax image sticks when you scroll down and the same thing happens when viewing the Finance page. Feels clunky, so would like to get this smoothed out. I have some Custom CSS and also a script within the site's Code Injection that creates the sticky nav, in case these are interfering with the parallax in some way? Any advice greatly appreciated! Anna
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