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  1. Update: In case it’s useful for anyone, I did resolve this by resetting the port php-fpm was using by changing it in www.conf located in /usr/local/etc/php/7.3/php-fpm.d which allowed kill -9 <PID> to work. Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60239910/how-to-change-php-fpm-port-on-mac
  2. As part of an index page, I'd like to create a slideshow gallery that looks like the attached screenshot but the image of the phone and the text and button beside it are what slide to display another image of a phone with accompanying text and button. The background image should remain in place. It must be actual text and clickable button and the images of phones are a GIFs. Is there any way to do this in Squarespace? Right now, I have a banner background image and on top of that are two galleries side-by-side set to transition on the same timing to look like it's a single slideshow. The first slideshow has the images and second uses transparent images and is used for the text. But I have to add custom styling to that text, it doesn't actually slide (it just fades in and out), the user can't control the transitions because they're independent slideshows, and I'll have to accommodate separately for mobile. Any better methods for accomplishing this?
  3. I'm working on this site: https://red-org.squarespace.com/ in dev mode but when I run this command: squarespace-server https://red-org.squarespace.com --auth I get the following output: Apparently, that's saying my local server at that port is currently being used by another process. My question is: how can I kill that process? When I run ps aux |grep 9000 to view all processes at that port, I get: As you can see, each time I run ps aux |grep 9000 , new PIDs are generated indicating (I think) that those are zombie processes. I try to kill the listed processes with kill -9 <PID> but it doesn't do anything, which seems to confirm that they are in fact zombie processes. So how can I track down those parent processes and kill them so that I can run a Squarespace local server again — or is there another fix here? I'm running Mac Mojave 10.14.6. Thanks.
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