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  1. Site URL: https://ruby-heptagon-chjz.squarespace.com Hello! I am looking to create a continuously scrolling marquee effect using the announcement bar, that would simply repeat the content. This is the best example I found : https://codepen.io/fcalderan/pen/GRJeYOL What's the best way to achieve that? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://mango-blue-nczx.squarespace.com Hello, I am starting a new site and looking to have the landing page fit full screen, with no scroll. Just text box fixed at the top and big logo fixed at bottom (no matter the viewport size, from desktop to mobile) – with same margin all around. Right now, I can't find the proper way to make all margins equal, eliminate the extra scroll, and keep the big logo stuck to the bottom. It is currently built using 2 separate sections, is there a better way to do it? Please help 🙂 Thanks in advance Pass: gogo
  3. Site URL: https://beige-silver-cwxp.squarespace.com/shop2 Hello, I'm using these little illustrations to create anchor links for the different shop sections – they're just image blocks. Is there a way to make them stay in one line when viewed on mobile? Right now, they just naturally stack one on top of the other which defeats the purpose. Since they're in a separate section, maybe there's a way to make that specific section behave differently on mobile? Thanks in advance!
  4. Site URL: https://trombone-chartreuse-l445.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm trying to have my Shopping Cart icon replaced by text saying : "Shopping Bag (qty)" – styled the same way as the nav links – but keeping the default Shopping Cart icon for the mobile version only. Is that possible? Thanks in advance! 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://trombone-chartreuse-l445.squarespace.com/store/p/belt-classic-slim-natural Hello, I noticed this new bug on the mobile version of a site I'm about to finish. On the product page, you will notice that there is a large space between the gallery and the selection variants, I tried pin pointing the right element to correct that, but I can't find it. This wasn't like that before, I'm not sure what caused it. Also, for some odd reason, it's like all my content block (images + add to cart and description) is slightly off entered on mobile. I can't seem to find the right elements to correct that, please help! 🙂 Thanks in advance! 🙂
  6. Site URL: https://leopard-fuchsia-sxbt.squarespace.com Hello, I am starting a new portfolio site and I am looking to do something very specific for the temporary landing page : SCENARIO 1 : I want to have a simple full screen slideshow with the possibility of loading vertical images without zooming in them. For example, a horizontal photo would fill the screen but a vertical image would occupy 100% of the height but only 50% of the width, and either be to the left or right of the screen. SCENARIO 2 : Vertical images keep their original aspect ratio but occupy 100% of the height and centered, leaving blank space left and right. Which is more doable in Squarespace? Good example, although the site is custom : https://youth.studio Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I stumbled upon this thread trying to figure out the exact same thing. I'm not sure what ID to look for to target the header and what to enter in : var IDS = [ '#landing-01', '#landing-06', I'm not using a template, I'm on 7.1, will that still work? Thanks in advance!
  8. Also, is there a way to make the header background transparent ONLY on landing, and when you scroll down to the next section, the header has a background color? https://turbot-gecko-zktr.squarespace.com/home-en Thank you!
  9. Hmmm not sure how to integrate that, I'm trying to have the menu display in column mode only when viewed mobile. Thanks for your help 🙂
  10. Amazing, thank you. What value do I have to enter to make it display as a stacked list ?
  11. Yes of course : https://www.restaurantayla.com/home-en Thanks 🙂
  12. Hello, I am building a very simple site for a restaurant. The navigation is made-up of simple text links fixed at the top of the site. I would like to be able to keep those nav links visible in mobile as well, instead of the hamburger menu. What code would do the trick? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hmm, well for example, on a specific product page I have a title, a catchphrase, a description and technical details. They all have a different style, which I had custom sized for max 1280px and for max 767px. Now some work and some are ignored by by that new dynamic sizing system. I can't imagine they would change functionalities to a point where it affects what people have running. Anyway to change or disable that setting?
  14. Site URL: https://trombone-chartreuse-l445.squarespace.com Hello, So I've been working on my site slowly but surely, I included a bunch of custom CSS to fine tune font sizes on 3 breakpoints – but something odd is going on, some of my sizing is suddenly completely off, and I can't control it anymore. I noticed something new in the code with the Dev Tools on Chrome, the dynamic-font-sizing use to say "disabled" (false), it seemed to be that way by default (?). But now it says "enabled" (true) and all my CSS does nothing. What happened and how do I just go back to what I had? Thanks in advance!! 🙂
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