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    robmillis reacted to mattrutherford in Questions on Email Campaigns...   
    Site URL: http://mattrutherford.co.uk
    Hi all - I have been building a nice email mailing list for my site, and have a growing and successful newsletter.  I am using the Squarespace mailing list feature, and I have a couple of questions:
    Is there a way to (automatically) create a newsletter archive?  I want people to be able to read back issues before they subscribe.  or Is there a way to automatically cross post the content from my newsletters into my blog.  I suspect I am starting to reach the limitations of the Squarespace email engine - and I may need to move across to a third party (mailchimp?   mailerlite?) - if thats the case, are there any recommendations or guides to integrating an external tool to my Squarespace site. 
    Thanks in advance....
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    robmillis reacted to sesseka in I would like to update to 7.1 but i would rather not lose 8 years of sales data and analytics   
    From what I have learned, there is no smooth way to migrate to 7.1 without being disruptive to your business unfortunately. I'd also like to switch to 7.1 but you have to completely rebuild using a new plan, cancel the old site, and then move your domain to the new site. Really frustrating. 😞
    Here is an article with tips: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038270572
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    robmillis reacted to mattrutherford in Questions on Email Campaigns...   
    Thank you - this is an option I tried before, but it's a manual step to the workflow that should be really easy to automate.   I have a page where I can go and see all of my sent campaigns - I'd love to just have a block that pulls those.
    Bearing in mind the rise and rise of Newsletters, it's a worry that Squarespace doesn't seem to be developing for this space (or any space really). 
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    robmillis reacted to mattrutherford in Questions on Email Campaigns...   
    Very frustrating that there is no support in this forum for what seems to be a simple task on other platforms.  
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    robmillis reacted to MalSanders in Image having a color overlay where it should be white   
    Ok, I have found more on this.  Before you load an image it shows the blue box (below) as placeholder.  When you load an image, this seems to stay as on overlay.
    But it depends on the image design:
    Inline = it works ok
    Poster, card, overlap, collage, stack = blue
    By going into inspect, it goes away when toggling this off:
    <div class="image-overlay" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1590120390667_457"></div>
    Please fix!
    Screen Recording 2020-05-22 at 2.03.15 pm.mov
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