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  1. but now I have another question. on my form http://www.fabionlus.it/uovo-di-pasqua How can I insert the newsletter request in my form?. At this moment I have insert a check with a flag but for insert in a mailing list (for my email campaigns) I am obliged insert a newsletter block under the form... In the newsletter block there are the same fields that I have already on my form... Thanks a lot
  2. hello i find this with a good solution thanks @papaholmz
  3. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it Hi i wold like to insert in my form a field with the consensus for the newsletter ? is it possible ? I would like also insert in my form a field for the consensus at my policy for the privacy, but in this case, I would like that when I insert the check in the field "I consent", before open the pdf file with the policy.... How can I do that? thank you
  4. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it hi, sorry I am not an expert My site is www.fabionlus.it I would like insert a new cover-page with my logo-image (file attached) with an image-map with link in every different color. Also I would like an effect with the mouse when hover over the image link. So I have two problems: 1) can I have a cover page with code html or css ? where is the place to insert the code? 2) I already created a page with an image-map (www.fabionlus.it/organigramma), but I don't know the code to insert for an animation when the mouse hover the link. How
  5. the top would be if at the click there was an animation of the clicked image, such as a gif before going to the link
  6. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it hi everyone my site is www.fabionlus.it i am not a good web designer...sorry 🙄 in the trial page www.fabionlus.it/organigramma-1 : when the mouse hover every link (any color is a link) in addition to the change of opacity, I would like a text to appear with the name of the link page. I don't Know what is the solution...if I modify the <style> block ? I don't know This is my code: <style> svg|a { opacity: 0; fill: #fff; } svg|a:hover, svg|a:active { opacity: 0.3; fill: #f80000; } </style&g
  7. When I over one the players, I would like to see another image of the same player more big, for example the player that pass the ball or run...I have already the image , but I don’t know the code for sostitute the link at another image with an animation... i hope was clear... thanks a lot
  8. @creedon Another question 🤗 In your code, is it possible modify and insert an animation “on mouse over” instead to active a link with a click? thanks
  9. Sorry www.Fabionlus.it/organigramma-1 i have found a mistake on the my code and now it seems correct.... I prefer your code instead of the code I was created with the site image-map.net ... Now I have another question, please. If you see my image, I must to create more link.... how can I know the coordinate? Is there a simply greed for the coordinates? Now, at the moment I try for every image with the coordinates, until I find the correct...
  10. @creedon hi thank you very very much for your help. Your code is correct for my site (an example page is http:www.fabinlus.it/organigramma-1 ), but only if I visit the site on pc, because if I visit with my tablet or smartphone the coordinates are not correct...why??? :(:(:(:(:( thank you for your reply
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