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  1. but now I have another question. on my form http://www.fabionlus.it/uovo-di-pasqua How can I insert the newsletter request in my form?. At this moment I have insert a check with a flag but for insert in a mailing list (for my email campaigns) I am obliged insert a newsletter block under the form... In the newsletter block there are the same fields that I have already on my form... Thanks a lot
  2. hello i find this with a good solution thanks @papaholmz
  3. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it Hi i wold like to insert in my form a field with the consensus for the newsletter ? is it possible ? I would like also insert in my form a field for the consensus at my policy for the privacy, but in this case, I would like that when I insert the check in the field "I consent", before open the pdf file with the policy.... How can I do that? thank you
  4. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it hi, sorry I am not an expert My site is www.fabionlus.it I would like insert a new cover-page with my logo-image (file attached) with an image-map with link in every different color. Also I would like an effect with the mouse when hover over the image link. So I have two problems: 1) can I have a cover page with code html or css ? where is the place to insert the code? 2) I already created a page with an image-map (www.fabionlus.it/organigramma), but I don't know the code to insert for an animation when the mouse hover the link. How can I modified this code? <style> .image-overlay-wrap { display: inline-block; /* shrinks container to image size */ fill: transparent; position: relative; } .image-overlay-wrap img { /* optional, for responsiveness */ display: block; height: auto; max-width: 100%; } .image-overlay-wrap svg { left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; } </style> <div class="image-overlay-wrap"> <img src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/57271dad45bf21105b665dc4/1610898023019-3PZZKRS5AR0ML7UDJSMO/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kIXUpvhBrBZPKoLIxiWlZx97gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z5QPOohDIaIeljMHgDF5CVlOqpeNLcJ80NK65_fV7S1UXl0WNPbz0CWI4YJ6ICv0aefsTCV_7tpSB4NE-W_A31GG6v6ULRah83RgHXAWD5lbQ/Organigramma.png" /> <svg viewBox="0 0 2000 2600"> <a alt="Fabio" target="_top" title="Fabio" xlink:href="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/57271dad45bf21105b665dc4/1610896398394-XAH06CUBXS0Y0Z263XPP/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kJUlZr2Ql5GtSKWrQpjur5t7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z5QPOohDIaIeljMHgDF5CVlOqpeNLcJ80NK65_fV7S1UYapt4KGntwbjD1IFBRUBU6SRwXJogFYPCjZ6mtBiWtU3WUfc_ZsVm9Mi1E6FasEnQ/Fabio.png"> <rect height="500" width="450" x="1" y="270" /> </a> thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English
  5. the top would be if at the click there was an animation of the clicked image, such as a gif before going to the link
  6. Site URL: http://www.fabionlus.it hi everyone my site is www.fabionlus.it i am not a good web designer...sorry 🙄 in the trial page www.fabionlus.it/organigramma-1 : when the mouse hover every link (any color is a link) in addition to the change of opacity, I would like a text to appear with the name of the link page. I don't Know what is the solution...if I modify the <style> block ? I don't know This is my code: <style> svg|a { opacity: 0; fill: #fff; } svg|a:hover, svg|a:active { opacity: 0.3; fill: #f80000; } </style> <style> .image-overlay-wrap { display: inline-block; /* shrinks container to image size */ fill: transparent; position: relative; } .image-overlay-wrap img { /* optional, for responsiveness */ display: block; height: auto; max-width: 100%; } .image-overlay-wrap svg { left: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; } </style> <div class="image-overlay-wrap"> <img src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/57271dad45bf21105b665dc4/1610295512434-SL4KN5NK943YPQ0QA143/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kNiEM88mrzHRsd1mQ3bxVct7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z4YTzHvnKhyp6Da-NYroOW3ZGjoBKy3azqku80C789l0topjEaZcWjtmMYdCWL4dkGbxs35J-ZjFa9s1e3LsxrX8g4qcOj2k2AL08mW_Htcgg/logo+2021.PNG" /> <svg viewBox="0 0 1000 1000"> <a alt="Home" target="_top" title="Home" xlink:href="http://www.fabionlus.it/home"> <polygon points="227,148,227,202,233,247,193,344,198,475,216,519,265,587,326,629,425,661,429,656,332,583,275,473,272,339,297,275,336,250,357,211,445,183,547,187,510,158,437,147,330,145,288,114,257,114,241,127" /> </a> <a alt="Chi Siamo" target="_top" title="Chi Siamo" xlink:href="http://www.fabionlus.it/la-mia-storia-3"> <polygon points="335,96,436,65,523,62,607,91,676,51,726,54,751,76,762,116,757,153,741,204,791,292,795,386,772,469,723,555,658,621,569,658,652,582,707,492,730,380,708,284,682,245,647,244,612,210,600,160,547,115,455,91" /> </a> </svg> </div> Thank you very much for the answers
  7. When I over one the players, I would like to see another image of the same player more big, for example the player that pass the ball or run...I have already the image , but I don’t know the code for sostitute the link at another image with an animation... i hope was clear... thanks a lot
  8. @creedon Another question 🤗 In your code, is it possible modify and insert an animation “on mouse over” instead to active a link with a click? thanks
  9. Sorry www.Fabionlus.it/organigramma-1 i have found a mistake on the my code and now it seems correct.... I prefer your code instead of the code I was created with the site image-map.net ... Now I have another question, please. If you see my image, I must to create more link.... how can I know the coordinate? Is there a simply greed for the coordinates? Now, at the moment I try for every image with the coordinates, until I find the correct...
  10. @creedon hi thank you very very much for your help. Your code is correct for my site (an example page is http:www.fabinlus.it/organigramma-1 ), but only if I visit the site on pc, because if I visit with my tablet or smartphone the coordinates are not correct...why??? :(:(:(:(:( thank you for your reply
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