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  1. And last thing, the text in my "Info page" is now left aligned (look at the attached file), is there a way to center it back?If not, that's not a big deal, Thanks for everything!
  2. @tuanphan You definitely should consider it, Paris is a truly beautiful city! ;) I know nothing about SSL but i see that it is active on my website, with the "insecure" activated (look at the attached file). Should i set it to "Secure"? With or without HTS?What will that change? Thank you for your precious help..
  3. @tuanphan What?!! That perfectly worked !!! Are you planning to visit Paris anytime soon?Let me know, i owe you a drink!! A tremendous Thank you, you definitely are the champion my friend!!!
  4. @tuanphan That's it! But to me even more precise, here is the exact look i need (see attached file). How did you get that? Also, in your version the title of the first project is not place in the same manner as the second title (Hermès and God wears hoodies are not vertically aligned), but again, how did you get that?!
  5. @tuanphan Exactly! But more like on my screenshots. Basically, i want a combination of my first screenshots and my second screenshots, title on the left, menu navigation on the right, and content centered. The problem with the Wexley design is that the content is always under the title, si i can't have the title on the left or right and center the content, which is really strange.. This website looks like i want : http://www.ligthelm.work/aboutBut he's probably using an other template..
  6. Oh not at all, the content itself is left aligned (Just under the title name) while i want to be be centered between the title and the navigation menu in the middle of the page just like it is when the titlee is centered, here are screenshots of them being centered (with the title centered too) (see attached files) Thanks for your help @tuanphan !
  7. Hi @tuanphan ! I did not resolve the issue yet, i would like to center :www.nabilmendes.com/filmsandwww.nabilmendes.com/infosFor now they are centered because the title is, but i want the title to be left aligned AND have my content centered, here is a screenshot of the issue when the title is left aligned like i want (see attached files) Thanks for the reply comrade! I hope that can be fixed.. !
  8. Hello all! I would like to center my content (Gallery block + Infos block) while my Title is left aligned on Wexley, does someone has a workaround please? Unfortunately, the content is always aligned to the title on this template, here is my website : www.nabilmendes.com(The title is centered for now as i want my content to be centered too) A tremendous Thanks to the champion who'll come up with a solution, this question has been asked several times but no one resolved the mystery yet.. Same request 1 :https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/114496/wexley-center-align-page-left-align-navigation.html Same request 2 :https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/127030/how-do-i-center-a-text-block-on-a-left-aligned-sit.html
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