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  1. Hi! I was searching the same thing. Here I've found the answer. Worked for me! https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/164102-remove-underline-cover-page-hollowfollow-cursor/
  2. Hi everybody! I'me very happy to share with you all a brand new creative project we have just launched. It's name is Indómada Studio, and we offer comprehensive creative services for wildlife photographers We are based in Spain and for now the web it's only in spanish, but we work for the entire universe. We hope to translate it very soon! We do all kinds of work, but our star service is probably web design and we are very, very happy to only work with Squarespace. Among other things, the great self-management capacity makes it a much more interesting product for many photographers. Manu Mateo for Indómada Studio www.indomada.com
  3. With 7.1, there are 2 types of display: desktop and mobile. When the screen width become smaller, it changes from de sktop to mobile view. This change occurs when passing a certain width in pixels (mobile breakpoint). How can I adjust this limit width with CSS? Thanks a lot for the help! 🙂
  4. Is there a way to customize with CSS mobile breakpoint? I mean, customizing the pixels where it switch to mobile view. Thanks for the help 🙂
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