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  1. Fixed. Image and CSS issue. Fixed by squarespace.
  2. All the sudden my logo disappeared on refresh and not both the Logo Image and the FAVICON are gone and it simply says "Error Loading Image" and nothing can be done to fix it. Please help!!!
  3. yeah what the crap squarespace. Now my site has now logo in the nav or fav icon b/c it says "error loading image" !!!!! in the middle of my ad campaign! wtf
  4. 1. #logoWrapper {display: block !important; padding-top: 50px; 2. margin: auto !important;} 3. 4. header{ 5. position: fixed; 6. height: 200px; 7. padding: 0px; 8. text-align: center; 9. 10. border-bottom: 0px solid #999999;} 11. 12. #header #headerNav { 13. display: inline-block; 14. margin-top: 45px; 15. text-align: center; 16. margin-right:; 17. } 18. 19. #headerNav nav a { 20. padding-left: 15px; 21. padding-right: 15px;}
  5. Do I put this code on the 'Custom CSS' portion of the interface, via the 'Design' sidebar button? Here is what I have but it still won't center my logo:
  6. @squareology would this css code work to reduce the banner padding in horizon on only one page? it doesn't seem to but maybe i am doing something wrong.?? any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. kale,you seem to have all the answers for this!!! could you help me with the same thing on a store page in Horizon? I want to make the header (or banner image as it is called in this template) padding only 150 pixels for this one page and leave it as 300px for all the others. I have tried pretty much all the ccs from this feed to no result. help plz!
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