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  1. @tuanphan, this is was so helpful. Thank you! Is there any way to make the images appear larger in navigation?
  2. Does anyone have any insight on how to create share buttons for pages that are not associated with a blog page/posts? I’m currently making a site and would like to give visitors the option to share what's on the page once they visit.
  3. Hi, Within a section, I’m trying to make an image sticky, while allowing the text to scroll. Because these read as "stories", would it be better to incorporate it as a blog (ideally I'd like to have pagination, so people can go from story to story) or would it be better to just incorporate it on a regular page?
  4. Hey, @bangank36! I just installed the code on my site and changed the section-id but the effect isn't working. Do you think I can get some assistance with this? Thanks!
  5. Is there anyway to incorporate this for individual blog posts?
  6. I’m looking for assistance on adding a different photo per category section. Currently, if you add a section block with a photo background, it's universal across all the shop category pages.
  7. For the product page, I am looking for this answer as well. Currently it only show Shop Page > Item, instead of Shop Page > Category > Item
  8. No, it doesn't unfortunately.
  9. I’m having this problem as well. Has it been resolved yet?
  10. Hey, Can I get help with this? Should I send an email?
  11. Hi, what's the website where we are to get this code? I don’t see the link below.
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