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  1. Site URL: https://www.thepinkchampa.com/home Is there a way to move the Customer Account Link to the Hamburger Menu ? Currently the Mobile Break Point is set to 3600px so that I can have the Hamburger Menu visible on all platforms. But the Customer Account Link is showing on the header but outside the Hamburger menu. I would like it to show inside that menu.
  2. My mistake, your code actually worked and I got what I needed. Although it worked exactly for desktop/laptop but for mobile it's look weird. Please look at the attached jpeg. Can there be a code that can reduce the px value only for mobile ?
  3. Hi Tuanphan, I had come across your code mentioned above in one of the post But it gave a border AROUND the entire page, including AROUND the header and footer, so basically it brought the header/footer to the middle of the page (please see the second attached jpeg), unlike what I want. I need what site styles SITE : BORDER can give me. A border around the actual content of the page, while my header/footer are on the top/bottom. You'll get a fair idea if you check the jpegs in my first question.
  4. Site URL: https://sunfish-giraffe-gaz6.squarespace.com/selected-work Hi Team, I am trying to achieve a site border for a specific page (not the entire website). The Page in question - https://sunfish-giraffe-gaz6.squarespace.com/selected-work Password - qwerty Basically the look as seen in the first attached jpeg (but that look I achieved is via site style which applies the border throughout the website). So looking for a code which targets only this page. I did some basic research and I did try the code found on this thread :- body#collection-5eb9
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