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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from JamesDesign in Endless bugs with 7.1   
    I see. I was not aware of that but I assumed there had to be a good reason. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from monocle.jasmin in Looking for honest feedback on a product photography site   
    As a photographer, I like it very much. It isn't static, your use of animation makes it attractive. Some of the text blocks may be a bit large, makes me feel a bit like I am being yelled at. Reducing the size will make them a bit friendlier, and will reduce the amount of scroll needed to view the site as well. You could consider using a simple back to top button as well. 
    The site is quite good in my opinion. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from KarthikSEO in (GEO RESTRICT) Blocking a country from accessing a folder in my site   
    What you ask for is next to impossible. 
    Block Specific Countries from accesing your website
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from A1Protocol in Redirect /home page link to blog directly.   
    You can add a section to a portfolio page which is also the home page, add a content link block inside that section,  choose your blog as the content. The blog title will be in the box.  You will need to adjust the text in that block with site styles to make the font bigger. This also makes it take  one click to access  the blog not two. I think this much simpler than my post above using a summary block, which you may still like to use. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from bangank36 in How to get a summary blog carousel to stack in mobile squarespace?   
    Easiest way is to sacrifice the desktop carousel and use a wall or a grid..
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from Del in Template similar to Moksha in vers 7.1?   
    7.1 is in effect one template family with 18 starting designs, using different color palates, fonts, layouts, but all those differences are in every 7.1 template for you to choose from and any template design point can be made to look like another. That being said the Brine Family template, Moksha's split navigation around both sides of the title or logo is not a default option in 7.1. It can be done with Custom CSS code however:
    Also 7.1 does not have parallax scrolling by default which Moksha also has. That too can be added with custom css code. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from Jo_SQSP in What advice would you give to someone starting to think about backlinks?   
    I am a member of quite a few online forums, and Facebook groups. I post links to my site in those groups and those links take various forms. Click Thru images, blog segments, and links in signatures and profiles. Of course I have links to my site on the sites I build for others. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from pigandcoin in Change blog title size   
    Blog title is adjusted in site fonts style using the slider to a max of 9.9rem. That is approximately 158px. I would say that is quite large, without using code. You can reduce the blog post title in fonts style to .5rem which is approximately 8px. I don't think you would want to go much smaller than that. No code is needed in either case. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from AngelaBailey123 in How do I edit a youtube embedded video link to loop?   
    use the insert point, the new blue and white plus sign,  on the page where you want it, then choose video block. Once that is in place, edit it and add the embede code. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from AngelaBailey123 in How do I edit a youtube embedded video link to loop?   
    Embed youtube video with looping and no controls. 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from designer in Summary block gallery page lightbox   
    You can't click the arrow and use the drop down menu under primary or secondary? 
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from grantalanhenry in How to Add Image to Top of Product Page?   
    You would need to make text images, convert power point  slides  or something similar to jpegs and load them on the site. An image file is all you need, no reason it can't be just good looking text. 
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    derricksrandomviews reacted to AFBaker in Page Descriptions vs Thumbnails in Index   
    That's what I was thinking/trying. The issue is it looks fine on a desktop, but the image is cropped for tablet and mobile screens so the text becomes unreadable. Or, conversely, if it is sized for mobile, appears really small on desktop. 
    I thought that may be the only solution, but figured I'd put it out there in case you folk who are much smarter than me at this would have an alternate solution. Thanks so much for your help!
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from AFBaker in Page Descriptions vs Thumbnails in Index   
    You would have to replace each image with a second image, that is just text, like a power point slide saved as an image file. It would then show up on the index page and again on the actual page however,  I think t with a bit of code that image block could be hidden on that page if needed. 
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    derricksrandomviews reacted to A1Protocol in Changing the navigation menu position in the header?   
    It's an interesting idea. 
    The only issue with that is that users will have to click the hamburger to reveal the menu. Might not work with less tech savvy people. I'll try though!
    If you have any other options please let me know and once more I am grateful for your help!
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from sophiefish in Has anyone found a solution to making a dropdown within a dropdown for the main nav menu?   
    Folder nesting  has come up before, and there is no change for this, folders cannot go into a folder. No workaround or code for that. You can make a folder simulate a folder inside of it, in a way. 
    Change the text Medical, Dental Providers  and Leadership Team,  indent it with some dots or dashes to make it pop out as a "seperate" menu .  So it looks something like this:
    Our Staff
    .........Medical Providers
    .........Dental Providers
    ..........Leadership Team
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    derricksrandomviews reacted to katkramer in What is the "splash thing" on my site's main page?   
    Okay, figured it out...Promotional Pop-up.  Had no idea!
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from bangank36 in Fixed Backround like on Wix or Wordpress   
    The site link you posted is for a Squarespace site built on a  template in the same discontinured family, Marquee,  as this one: 
    This is its replacement:
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from bangank36 in Unique Templates that grab ya.   
    Site URL: https://www.myrandomviews.com/
    For all you squarespace users, like me, (my random views , built on Avenue) who have been using SS for quite a while. What template really gets your attention? What template would you use now if you were building your site today? And why? Your answer will help those who are building a SS site for the first time and it may also help those who just want a change. 
    I will start. I think that if I were to build now or make a change Tremont would be my first choice. It has some very unique features, and I like the defualt template landing page. Tremont Demo.
    Second choice would be Momentum, really interesting horizontal scrolling features. 
    Momemtum Demo
    How abou you? What template just grabs you? Would you use the one you are using now? Why?
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from etheuer in What websites do you love and use for inspiration? What stands out about them?   
    Can I say my own? It was my  first Squarespace Site . I really had no idea how to do it. The platform was so different from the previous site I built for my business, hosted by Microsoft. Using Avenue on Squarespace 6 which I think was six years ago, was so much better than any other platforms I had experience with. Like day to night if you ask me. Actually,  the very first site that I looked at on Squarespace which really inspired me, the one that made me decide to become a member of the Squarespace community of builders and users,  was this one: 
    and here is mine 
    my random views (first of seven sites)
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from whatley187 in Page title not showing in the browser bar   
    Home page title  is not supposed to show in the browser bar, only the actual domain. But you can put it on a browser tab. Click on SEO and enter it in the SEO title (optional) field. 
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    derricksrandomviews reacted to Humebuilt in Hiding Header & Footer on Home page to make an Entrance Page   
    Thank you very much. this worked perfectly.
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from joequint in is there a way to find unneeded css and remove it?   
    Not really, content does that more than anything else. Its easy to remove code but also easy to remove what you want to keep. What I do is copy snippets to wordpad, label where it came from, note what I thought it did for me if anything,  then I remove it if I think I don't want it.  If a change happens I don't want I paste it right back in. One has to be careful to copy it correctly and not miss anypart of it. That has happened to me. For example, I added code to make snow fall on my site for the Christmas Holidays, It worked for most pages but broke one page and I had to use a different code. It was a lot of code for that page.  I goofed up  when I removed it from the site. I deleted the last line of code for another effect. Took me awhile to repair that mistake.  
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    derricksrandomviews got a reaction from bangank36 in How to filter by multiple categories in Summary block 7.1   
    Only one category works, however the setup design allows you to select more than one. That is a bit confusing. If more than one are selected, the first one is the active category. The second is ignored. 
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    derricksrandomviews reacted to abibacon in Transferring a domain from an existing Squarespace user   
    You could add her as a contributor to your site and from there she can just transfer the domain to your site and then you can remove her access to your site once you are done. 
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