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  1. Create a new second blog page add your first blog summary block to that second blog, put the first blog into unlinked section. Its the only way I can think to fake it to make it so to speak.
  2. The site is password protected so we can't see it. However this question keeps popping up. I am confused as to why one would want a folder in the nav bar to become link to a page, when you can just put a link by itself on the nav bar? (in 7.0 you can, don't know about 7.1) If your folder has links in it then just make one of the links go to the page you want.) The folder itself is not designed to be a link only to hold them, that is why people try to use code to change a folder nav title to a link, but as you can see that doesn't always work.
  3. Purchased thru Squarespace? It should go active almost right away even if the site is not up yet. If not the first thing to do is doublecheck it in settings to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it. If something is off you will get the error when you type it in a browser address bar.
  4. 7.0, anything in the Brine Family, some have parallax scrolling some do not, or any 7.1 template which the Brine Family gave birth to. 7.0 is a bit more feature rich for designers, at this point in time, 7.1 is a bit easier to build a site for less experienced designers. If I were to narrow it down, maybe Brine template or Foster.
  5. In other words, title the cleveland picture and then redesign the others to match it.
  6. You group them together by category which allows you, using summary block filters under the summary settings display tab, to choose that category in the summary block. Blog posts can have multiple categories each and you don't have to display the cat on the summary post if you don't want. I gave each original blog post category a year like 2019, and the summary puts them in order of date published. If I have more with the same year than a summary will take then I give it a number like 2018-1 for the first 30, 2018-2 for the next and so on. You can make it as simple as you want, first 1-to 30 would all be cat 1 second set 31 to 61 cat 2 so on. I choose to use the year post was published mostly for my own benefit. You set this up by editing the page settings for each blog post, down at the bottom of the window you will see category with a + sign next to it. Just click and give it a cat. It takes a bit of time but simple with each new post going forward.
  7. Something is off in the url of that last page in the index. I think this is a simple fix. I can copy the links for the other buttons and paste them in my address bar and get to the correct page, but not the last one it just goes back to the top where the buttons are located.
  8. Avenue does not support sidebar navigation, maybe with code, but I have not found it to work, and I use Avenue for my own personal site. The title can be moved left, and then the nav in the title area goes right, Center, centers both. Wexley does support sidebar navigation. It has a gallery grid, with thumbnails, which can be clicked on to show enlarged image in a lightbox. The layout is different from Avenue by default but can be adjusted. I looked at wells also but choose Wexley. https://christinegregoryphotography.com/ my personal Avenue site is https://www.myrandomviews.com/
  9. Are you looking to make a page that looks like that? A number of templates can easily do that. Simple grid layout, Wexley, Avenue, Ishimoto for one, Avenue being the easiest to do, but if you want a site to have the "card" and look like the site you posted the link to, then Brine is your best bet. Here is one I built on Brine with a grid or card like look https://atlanticcoastwater.com/
  10. I have found that size sliders max out at a certain point, but if you type in the size you want (1275 for example) it changes to that size.
  11. You can discover what template any squarespace site is using by going here and pasting the url of the site. https://findr.hustlelikeaboss.design/
  12. What template are you using? You can create a summary page using summary blocks in 7.0 (seems to not work in 7.1) which allows you to thumbnail all blog posts on a single page. It may take more than one summary block on the page due to a max amount of posts per block but you string the blocks together. Like this: https://www.myrandomviews.com/storysummary (there are different grid layouts you can choose from) One you build the summary page, move the blog page to un-linked, so it is not on the nav bar, the summary page takes its place. I have read somewhere that if you are using 7.1, the workaround for no summary blocks in pages is you create a second blog with one post and put your summary blocks there with content from you original blog posts. However it only imports the title of the blog, and you will need to add an image and description, if I understand how it works (or doesn't work) correctly. 7.0 still has more to offer to those who want more control over the design of their site, in my opinion. If you want help doing this in 7.0 let me know, and I will be glad to assist here
  13. That can happen, what I do is look at my changes from a second browser without logging into my account, can be on the same pc, nice if you have two monitors, So do your work on chrome, look at it as a visitor from Edge or vice versa.
  14. Nice site, I am also an Avenue User, two sites. Its a great classic look, really good for photographers and artists, in my opinion. https://www.dcmrblueridge.com/ https://www.myrandomviews.com/
  15. Pretty much so. I usually delete a demo page which puts it in the trash can and I can undelete if I want to.
  16. I think you need to add a blank page first, then edit that page to add a block. Unfortunately I am not all that familiar with 7.1 yet so we are coming to the solution together for this issue.
  17. As I understand it, As long as your new page is not a gallery or portfolio page, you can use a summary block and pull the blog post with the summary you made. Does that make sense at all? Content link may seem like the easiest way, but a content block only gives a title no thumbnails, so that is not going to work, too bad, cause I use content links with thumbnails a lot in 7.0
  18. They exist in blog pages and blog pages can be added to other pages, so some folks are putting a summary of galleries and portfolios in a separate blog, then posting that content to another page. It is a bit convoluted but it works.
  19. In version 7.1, Summary Blocks don't support content from gallery sections or Portfolio Pages.
  20. Its hard, what with Google analytics, social media buttons, all kinds of connecting things that use cookies. This blog post might be helpful to you: https://www.scottcole.net/run-my-website-without-using-cookies-part1/
  21. Sure you can, if you don't mind doing a rebuild, number of templates that have a similar look and layout. Just curious about why you want to move over here to Squarespace?
  22. B. Copy and paste WP blog content to an already created squarespace page is the only way I know of, you can't do a direct import and convert. I think this is the only way for A as well. However this may work, and I emphasize the word may allow you to move a blog post to its own page: Press and hold Shift and click the item you want to move. Continue holding Shift to select multiple posts. After selecting the posts you'd like to move, click Move. ... In the Select Destination Collection window, select the destination page, and click Move Items.
  23. No easy way other than moving them to reverse the order that I know of. And that is not that easy.
  24. I don't know if others would agree here, but 7.0 templates have had more commerce "experience" than the 7.1 family. The 7.0 Brine family is a good place to start looking. Avenue, one of the oldest templates, is a very strong template for bloggers, with a traditional grid layout for photographs, art work, images of products. By default, It is not a super scrolling site, but can be very good site for shoppers.
  25. You can't actually transfer your site. You can build a new one and either transfer the domain or re-direct, point it, to your new Squarespace site. The second option is the fastest, and best if you wish to keep your email addresses.
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