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  1. You can discover what template any squarespace site is using by going here and pasting the url of the site. https://findr.hustlelikeaboss.design/
  2. What template are you using? You can create a summary page using summary blocks in 7.0 (seems to not work in 7.1) which allows you to thumbnail all blog posts on a single page. It may take more than one summary block on the page due to a max amount of posts per block but you string the blocks together. Like this: https://www.myrandomviews.com/storysummary (there are different grid layouts you can choose from) One you build the summary page, move the blog page to un-linked, so it is not on the nav bar, the summary page takes its place. I have read somewhere that if you
  3. That can happen, what I do is look at my changes from a second browser without logging into my account, can be on the same pc, nice if you have two monitors, So do your work on chrome, look at it as a visitor from Edge or vice versa.
  4. Nice site, I am also an Avenue User, two sites. Its a great classic look, really good for photographers and artists, in my opinion. https://www.dcmrblueridge.com/ https://www.myrandomviews.com/
  5. Pretty much so. I usually delete a demo page which puts it in the trash can and I can undelete if I want to.
  6. I think you need to add a blank page first, then edit that page to add a block. Unfortunately I am not all that familiar with 7.1 yet so we are coming to the solution together for this issue.
  7. As I understand it, As long as your new page is not a gallery or portfolio page, you can use a summary block and pull the blog post with the summary you made. Does that make sense at all? Content link may seem like the easiest way, but a content block only gives a title no thumbnails, so that is not going to work, too bad, cause I use content links with thumbnails a lot in 7.0
  8. They exist in blog pages and blog pages can be added to other pages, so some folks are putting a summary of galleries and portfolios in a separate blog, then posting that content to another page. It is a bit convoluted but it works.
  9. In version 7.1, Summary Blocks don't support content from gallery sections or Portfolio Pages.
  10. Its hard, what with Google analytics, social media buttons, all kinds of connecting things that use cookies. This blog post might be helpful to you: https://www.scottcole.net/run-my-website-without-using-cookies-part1/
  11. Sure you can, if you don't mind doing a rebuild, number of templates that have a similar look and layout. Just curious about why you want to move over here to Squarespace?
  12. B. Copy and paste WP blog content to an already created squarespace page is the only way I know of, you can't do a direct import and convert. I think this is the only way for A as well. However this may work, and I emphasize the word may allow you to move a blog post to its own page: Press and hold Shift and click the item you want to move. Continue holding Shift to select multiple posts. After selecting the posts you'd like to move, click Move. ... In the Select Destination Collection window, select the destination page, and click Move Items.
  13. No easy way other than moving them to reverse the order that I know of. And that is not that easy.
  14. I don't know if others would agree here, but 7.0 templates have had more commerce "experience" than the 7.1 family. The 7.0 Brine family is a good place to start looking. Avenue, one of the oldest templates, is a very strong template for bloggers, with a traditional grid layout for photographs, art work, images of products. By default, It is not a super scrolling site, but can be very good site for shoppers.
  15. You can't actually transfer your site. You can build a new one and either transfer the domain or re-direct, point it, to your new Squarespace site. The second option is the fastest, and best if you wish to keep your email addresses.
  16. Custom Css code will move the logo to the left, if you are using a business plan that is. Avenue is the same way, I can move my title, nav bar just about anywhere with a bit of code. Pacific should do the same. Good template, I plan to use it when I next update my personal site. Here is the thread with the code to move things around in Pacific:
  17. Would a drop down with jump links to content work? You add a folder to the Navbar and put links to content in the folder. Here is an example https://www.myrandomviews.com/views-images check out the photography lessons on the nav bar.
  18. The layout seems a bit old style too me. I cannot figure out what template you are using and my finder site doesn't recognize it either. There are so many good photograph templates now, I think your pictures would look great on say Wexley, Skye or even Avenue. Your current site is very difficult to see or to use with a smart phone.
  19. Navith, check out two sites that I have built for photographers, one is for myself. We can have a discussion afterwards if you wish. Your site intrigues me for sure. https://www.myrandomviews.com/ my personal site https://christinegregoryphotography.com
  20. My suggestion is that you need to show what your product is right from the moment I hit the home page of your site. You need to spell it out or post an image. My daughter is a runner/ half marathoner. She doesn't like the picture on the main page. She doesn't relate to a guy in the air wearing a backpack. Show happy runners, racers, both male and female on your main home page, with smiles on their faces while pounding the pavement. The choose your sport is a bit confusing, needs a button or down arrow instead of a semi colon. Make it easier to know that there is more content to scroll down to
  21. Simplest way, I would think, is click thru url links or buttons on a squarespace landing page to any other page's url or vice versa.
  22. You make sure the new page is not enabled in settings until you are ready for the public to see it. Pretty simple. You can also disable a page anytime you want, which is helpful if you are making changes that take a bit of time to do. Derrick. https://myrandomviews.com
  23. You will get replies and help if you post a link to your site, always helpful to see what you are asking about. https://myrandomviews.com
  24. Look at the Brine family of templates, specifically Sonora. Might be a good start to where you want to go.
  25. A landing page is available with all templates, as far as I know. The main difference as I see it between 7.1 and 7.0 is that 7.0 had templates and template familes that are very different from each other, had different options and style pattern. For example, all templates in the Brine family look very different than Avenue. If you wanted a super-scrolling page in Avenue that took quite a bit of work to make, whereas Brine's index page easily provided that. 7.1 is all one family of templates so it is much easier to put a feature in your site that is not there by default but is there on anothe
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