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  1. My suggestion is that you need to show what your product is right from the moment I hit the home page of your site. You need to spell it out or post an image. My daughter is a runner/ half marathoner. She doesn't like the picture on the main page. She doesn't relate to a guy in the air wearing a backpack. Show happy runners, racers, both male and female on your main home page, with smiles on their faces while pounding the pavement. The choose your sport is a bit confusing, needs a button or down arrow instead of a semi colon. Make it easier to know that there is more content to scroll down to
  2. Simplest way, I would think, is click thru url links or buttons on a squarespace landing page to any other page's url or vice versa.
  3. You make sure the new page is not enabled in settings until you are ready for the public to see it. Pretty simple. You can also disable a page anytime you want, which is helpful if you are making changes that take a bit of time to do. Derrick. https://myrandomviews.com
  4. You will get replies and help if you post a link to your site, always helpful to see what you are asking about. https://myrandomviews.com
  5. Look at the Brine family of templates, specifically Sonora. Might be a good start to where you want to go.
  6. A landing page is available with all templates, as far as I know. The main difference as I see it between 7.1 and 7.0 is that 7.0 had templates and template familes that are very different from each other, had different options and style pattern. For example, all templates in the Brine family look very different than Avenue. If you wanted a super-scrolling page in Avenue that took quite a bit of work to make, whereas Brine's index page easily provided that. 7.1 is all one family of templates so it is much easier to put a feature in your site that is not there by default but is there on anothe
  7. Looking at the advanced commerce plan is the place to start.
  8. Depending on the the type of site, Brine's Parallax scrolling is very attractive, it does not show up on mobile view, but still worth using. 7.1 does not have that feature as of now. Just be aware that unlike staying in one version, switching versions will mean a rebuild of the site. here is a good example of a brine site and the customer has two sites, very happy with both. https://waterclinicfl.com/
  9. I really like the Wexley template you used, it is one of the best templates for a photographer. I also like the over the shoulder shot. I would suggest a good splash page, with one really good shot, that the leads to the rest of the site. Something like this Wexley site: https://christinegregoryphotography.com/
  10. Any template can have a private login. If you have a landing page, I suggest looking at the Brine Family.
  11. You mean version 7.0 as opposed to 7.1? Either version has specific business plan options which include commerce, advanced coding, and unlimited pages. You can choose the personal plan, with monthly or annual payment (25 percent discount if 12 months paid up front) and any template can be either. So, it seems to me that you should choose a template that meets the needs of your site and just get the personal plan. A very popular template that makes a good looking professional services site, is the Brine Template a 7.0 template. You can convert to a business plan at any point or vice versa. Squa
  12. Future new sites and rebuilds , I will certainly look at 7.1 but right now my customers like 7.0 for a number of features that they are used to to and appreciate. Parallax scrolling is one of them.
  13. Very nice site, I only have one small suggestion and that is to change the heading Philosophy to About.....or something like that.
  14. Can't you simply edit and rename rename the URL for each blog post?
  15. I don't see how this response helps. The link doesn't connect to any Squarespace site.
  16. I suggest you need a splash page, something that tells folks in less than a second in words what you do, and an image or images of what you can do. Something like this: https://www.myrandomviews.com/ (which happens to be my personal site) but the same Montage splash page will look good with the Five template you are using.
  17. Are there templates that are both on 7.0 and 7.1? I use Avenue and I don't think there is a 7.1 version.
  18. I think a personal plan should still allow pre purchased G Suite, it may not be free for a year as it is with a business plan.
  19. A number of them can work. Templates in the Brine family comes to mind due to the way Brine makes use of an index page. Looks like one page but they are connected, which would allow buttons on the top or first page with links to the pages in the index.
  20. They are lost 30 days after trial ends or site is not renewed.
  21. I think you need to add the word photography to your splash page. Also change come on in to Welcome. https://www.myrandomviews.com/
  22. Move it to squarespace where you have many choices for a friendly attractive website template.
  23. After looking at your site, which has a classic feel to it, but could use a bit of modernizing I suggest you look at the 7.0 Avenue template. It is very adaptable to fit many styles. I use it for my personal website as well as for some of my customers. 7.0 has many template families including the Brine family, Avenue is a one of a kind template. 7.1 is one family of templates. https://www.myrandomviews.com/ You can see a 7.0 templates here: https://www.squarespace.com/templates?onboarding_v7_1_0819=control&_ga=2.52304937.1696779908.1582820338-1627552492.1581780227
  24. Don't transfer your domain to Squarespace, just repoint it from where it is hosted to your new Squarespace site.
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