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  1. I checked your site using an ap the simulates various mobile views. Worked fine each time. I also checked it directly on my Android phone both horzontial and vertical view. The links worked perfectly. I do know that if views while signed in or from config mode, unusual things can happen. I would like to suggest you add a back to top button or arrow to your site. There is a lot of scrolling to get to the menu, especially from mobile view. If you wish to have one you can see it working here: https://christinegregoryphotography.com/ choose captures and the button will be down on the right
  2. Create a folder on the Nav bar. Then put links to the subpages in the folder. There are some limitations, you can't put a folder in folder. The links would be created using the url slug of those sub pages. Check out my site, I am doing this already with two drop down menus. Just click stories or pictures to get to my main nav bar then you will see the drop down menu "special stories" and "photography lessons". I use these drop downs to get to specific blog posts. I also use summary blocks and single links (not in a folder) for specific posts as well. Folders are created the same way as a ne
  3. You can use anchor links to accomplish this. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207842357-Adding-Index-Page-anchor-links
  4. Only one category works, however the setup design allows you to select more than one. That is a bit confusing. If more than one are selected, the first one is the active category. The second is ignored.
  5. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812098-Moving-a-domain-to-another-Squarespace-site
  6. If you don't want Montage to repeat images, then add enough so it won't and then change image grid gallery density to medium not heavy or very heavy. This is done in page/styles.
  7. Landing pages cannot be changed using custom css in the design settings. Some changes can be made in advanced header in page settings, but they are minor style changes, drop shadows, things of that nature. I had snow falling on Montage during the Christmas season. 7.0 landing pages have their own design, seperate from any template so changes are limited. my random views
  8. Just a visual, image, song list? Or actual music files? Oh, don't worry about the spammer.
  9. If your domain ends with .au, then you should repoint it not transfer it. Might be the best thing to do regardless. If you repoint it, it stays with Netregistry. https://support.netregistry.com.au/s/article/Point-your-domain-to-your-Squarespace-website
  10. This is done by using a plug in such as this one, can add comments to just about any part of your site: https://www.powr.io/tutorials/how-to-add-comments-plugin-to-your-squarespace-site
  11. I will check it out. I didn't get an error, but I did get a white screen after logging in and submitting my comments. . I was expecting a pop up to say your commerts are awaiting moderation. Looks like a code problem. Something is keeping the commets log on screen from coming up.
  12. A slug is required but it doesn't have to be the word "home" make it anything you want, but it cannot be left blank, but this does not make a duplicate page, not really, just two "addresses" for the same page. There is a very important distinction there. My site myrandomviews.com/home will take you to my redirect/intercept page which I set for my about page. I don't publish the actual slug and because my home page is in the unlinked section, it is not possible to find it.
  13. Momentum is a unique template. Forte also has horizontal scrolling set up by default look at the beast page. Forte
  14. There is not one for the actual blog page. Blog summary blocks have a limit of 30 but they can be chained together.
  15. Custom Domains have a registration fee, that renews every year on date of purchase. After an inital two week trial, the website has its own fee as well. Squarespace has different billing plans, monthly and annually, and all are based on what you want the site to do, for personal things like a blog or for business, selling products and needing specialized coding capabilities. I suggest if you have more questions, post them here in the Getting Started with Squarespace section of this forum on its own thread. We will be glad to provide you with help. https://www.squarespace.com/pricing
  16. Sorry, Kenazz but the site you were looking at was posted by a spammer and thread hijacker, it has been removed. Your site however, is looking better than when I first viewed it. Your home page is much improved.
  17. Set another page as homepage temporarily, then rename the page slug. At that point the orginal slug wlll cause a 404 error which can be redirected. Then Set the page with the new slug as homepage
  18. that group doesn't appear to be thumbnails, the images are not linked, not clickable. The above code is for clickable images not static images.
  19. <style> /* Remove Header Footer */ header, footer {display:none;} </style> Put the above code in advanced header for the one page. A newsletter block can still be used
  20. To change a single image block, you need the block id, if it isn't the only image on a single page. If it is you put the code in a code block on the page or in the page advanced header in page settings. That second option takes a business plan to do.
  21. There is nothing in that regard as of yet. What you you like that plug in to allow you to do?
  22. Use a code block or markdown block depending on the code. You put one in the post itself. Add the block just like you would an image or text block.
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