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  1. Usually this kind of non working code is in a code or markdown block on the page itself not in custom css. It appears to be in the same box as the links below it.
  2. I am a member of quite a few online forums, and Facebook groups. I post links to my site in those groups and those links take various forms. Click Thru images, blog segments, and links in signatures and profiles. Of course I have links to my site on the sites I build for others.
  3. Folder nesting has come up before, and there is no change for this, folders cannot go into a folder. No workaround or code for that. You can make a folder simulate a folder inside of it, in a way. Change the text Medical, Dental Providers and Leadership Team, indent it with some dots or dashes to make it pop out as a "seperate" menu . So it looks something like this: Our Staff .........Medical Providers .........Dental Providers ..........Leadership Team
  4. 7.1 is in effect one template family with 18 starting designs, using different color palates, fonts, layouts, but all those differences are in every 7.1 template for you to choose from and any template design point can be made to look like another. That being said the Brine Family template, Moksha's split navigation around both sides of the title or logo is not a default option in 7.1. It can be done with Custom CSS code however: https://stnsvn.com/blog/how-to-make-a-split-navigation-in-squarespace-71 Also 7.1 does not have parallax scrolling by default which Moksha also has. That to
  5. This code will put a hamburger up in the right hand corner, when opened the menu will be vertical. @media screen and (max-width: 5000px) { /* Display burger icon at all widths and align right */ .header .header-burger { display: flex; order: 2 !important; } /* Make burger menu visible at all widths */ .header--menu-open .header-menu { opacity: 1; visibility: visible; } /* Center logo in mobile device */ .header-title { text-align: left !important; } /* Hide primary navigation menu */ .header .header-title-
  6. If you make the proper image of your icon then you can use this method to put it in the bottom right, this will take viewers to the top of the page as opposed to the home page but that wouldn't be bad would it? https://www.will-myers.com/articles/building-a-back-to-top-button-in-squarespace
  7. You can't click the arrow and use the drop down menu under primary or secondary?
  8. You can try this is custom css without the <style> commands or in the page header code injection of the portfolio page leaving the <style> commands, which takes a business plan. Third option is to use a code block on the portfolio page. <style> .view-item .meta { display: none; }</style>
  9. As posted by Tevor, just make sure that primary and secondary metadata in summary block setup under content, do not have the date checked.
  10. Try changing background/theme color. Some will will reduce the background image opacity. The gray seems to allow the images to be seen the most.
  11. To do this for a 7.1 site , edit the header, little panel comes up on the right corner, choose desktop view, then click header layout, one of the choices is Logo/title over the nav bar.
  12. Nicely laid out site, good flow, like walls in an art gallery. Maybe a bit of an enhancement would make the site pop a bit more? Make certain images stand out? Try using a drop shadow just to see what it does, you may like the result, if not just remove the code. past this into custom css: .image-block { filter: drop-shadow(8px 8px 8px #666666); }
  13. The site link you posted is for a Squarespace site built on a template in the same discontinured family, Marquee, as this one: https://alex-demo.squarespace.com/ This is its replacement: https://basil-demo.squarespace.com/
  14. The header style layout is going to dictate where that image goes. If you do use spacers, the work better with an image block that has an image in it than with an empty block.
  15. This is the rss feed I use. https://follow.it/ Free and works great with my Squarespace blog. I have a couple of Follow My Stories buttons on my site, which take you here: https://follow.it/my-random-views?action=followPub
  16. As a photographer, I like it very much. It isn't static, your use of animation makes it attractive. Some of the text blocks may be a bit large, makes me feel a bit like I am being yelled at. Reducing the size will make them a bit friendlier, and will reduce the amount of scroll needed to view the site as well. You could consider using a simple back to top button as well. The site is quite good in my opinion.
  17. I think one of our coders here will come up with something.
  18. Site URL: https://www.myrandomviews.com/ For all you squarespace users, like me, (my random views , built on Avenue) who have been using SS for quite a while. What template really gets your attention? What template would you use now if you were building your site today? And why? Your answer will help those who are building a SS site for the first time and it may also help those who just want a change. I will start. I think that if I were to build now or make a change Tremont would be my first choice. It has some very unique features, and I like the defualt template landing page. Tremon
  19. Home page title is not supposed to show in the browser bar, only the actual domain. But you can put it on a browser tab. Click on SEO and enter it in the SEO title (optional) field.
  20. Not really, content does that more than anything else. Its easy to remove code but also easy to remove what you want to keep. What I do is copy snippets to wordpad, label where it came from, note what I thought it did for me if anything, then I remove it if I think I don't want it. If a change happens I don't want I paste it right back in. One has to be careful to copy it correctly and not miss anypart of it. That has happened to me. For example, I added code to make snow fall on my site for the Christmas Holidays, It worked for most pages but broke one page and I had to use a different code
  21. Not a simple way. And if no Custom CSS has been added then there is technically no un-needed code there.
  22. That can be I think. You don't have a menu text or icon for the dropdown on your shop page. The menu popped up on hover, so if you use click only I think you need to put the word menu on the page before that happens.
  23. Any page you don't want to show up on the Nav bar, move to the unlinked section of your site. It is still active but can't been seen unless a link takes the viewer there. My blog page is in the unlinked section of my site and links in a folder on my Nav bar are how viewers get to many posts there. In your case your drop down menu, which is created in the linked section so it is on the nav bar and contains the links, will take viewers to any page or sub page you make a link to.
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