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  1. https://algae-goby-eyzm.squarespace.com/config/pages/5e36b33312092f158761065d pw develop
  2. I am wondering if anyone else thinks that the size and add to cart field for a product is very wide compared to the quantity field? I can change the width of the first two fields in the Design Produkt page, but the size of the quantity field cannot be changed - I asked squarespace help. That means that the 3 fields do not align well. Anyone have a work around?
  3. That might be useful - i will take a look. But what I meant was that I need a text block on the left side of the screen and then an image block on the right, which rotates through images. None of the gallery/slideshow sections allow that. I am not using a blog. Just a page in 7.1
  4. I am in the process of moving a small clients shop and in many ways the new version solved some of our issues in 7.0. Its also a fairly simple site, my customer will have an easier time now. I love that we can choose between layouts on pages instead of being tied to a template. BUT I find that it is difficult to freely style these layouts and the gallery section is so limited in use compared to a gallery block. I need to be able to make galleries with text on the side instead of sections that take the whole space. Also the gallery functionality has been limited. A big drawback for image makers. I am not moving my photography site.
  5. I am on a fairly fast connection and it started playing after 1-2 seconds. Before that the screen was just white.
  6. I have succesfully followed this thread to add a logo in the customer notifications, but how can I control the size of the logo? Its displays a bit too large. It is unfortunately no longer possible to add this question to the original thread, see https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/20627-how-do-i-put-my-logo-onto-the-order-confirmation-email/
  7. Hi there. Have you tried making a gallery section and using the simple grid layout? My experience so far with V7.1 is that galleries have become more limited now that they can only be added in sections and some functions previously available are gone. Its frustrating.
  8. In a gallery section in V7.1 you can control the timing in the Slideshow Full or Simple options.
  9. Site URL: https://www.welcometowinona.com/buy-the-book I would like to make a page similar to the one on the Winona website with text on one side and a gallery on the other side. Do anyone know how to do it? I have not found a layout where you can put a gallery next to text. I want the images to slideshow. This was very easy in version 7.0, but galleries in 7.1 seems to be limited. I tried using a summary, but it only took products. Thank you so much if you can help.
  10. No. Its not possible to do slideshow with Reel like you used to be able to make them in V7.0. I was hoping someone would have a code workaround... I have asked Squarespace Help and they had no answer other than they will keep developing.
  11. I am trying to insert company logo on all my customer mails, such as order confirmation. I found an example here in Forum of how to do it, but I cannot seem to get the sizing to work. No matter which number I use for size - the logo stays the same size. I am using V7.1 and the solution was for 7.0. Anyone knows if it works differently in the new version? Below is link to original solution:
  12. I have also struggled with gallery slideshows in version 7.1. First of all it is no longer possible to make a carousel gallery like in 7.0. The Reel slideshow that looks similar does not have autoplay functions. And in Full og Simple Slideshows I experience the same problems as you. Height and center alignment doesn't always work. I had a long conversation with Squarespace help and in the end they admitted that it was faulty. They couldn't say when the problems would be fixed or if the old gallery carousel would come back. I then tried remaking my image files so they span 3 images and then plays using the simple slideshow, but then I have the same problem that you do. In general I feel the gallery section is now too big and its hard to control the image sizing. In Full I find that the images do not resize when you set the section to S in height and as a result I also see the top of the images. Squarespace please help!!!!
  13. I am not using a blog. I just want images in a carousel format. I think Katyma is also using images. I don't see how the plugin can solve this?
  14. I am looking for a solution for this too. Also I would like the carousel to keep running through the images without rewinding to start. I never solved this issue in 7.0. Anyone knows how to do this?
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