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  1. Hi, I am selling products in Danish Kr. With the Stripe account connected Squarespace shows the right currency, but not the number format used in Denmark. I would like numbers to show as 1.000,00 instead of 1,000.00. Can this be done using code? Thanks a lot for helping!!!
  2. Did you solve it? I had the same issue, but solved it using page footers. A page footer can hold columns, which the site footer cannot. I then had to copy the footer to the pages that needs it. But I didn't solve how to place the social icons. Did you manage that?
  3. Hi @Daniel19 I have the same problem, but i want to change the color of the footer of a page - not the entire site. How do I reference this footer? Thanks a lot! Birgitte
  4. Does anyone know of a script that can make the carousel (block, not summary) loop in the same direction all the time instead of "rewinding" at the end of the images. It does not look good in my opinion. I have asked Squarespace and they had no help to offer. I have seen one thread about it originating in 2014, but with no working solution. I am using the avenue template. Does someone here know?
  5. The solution worked for me, but how do I control how much time passes. Right now it about 12 seconds between pages and longer at the end before it restarts. That is too long for my use. Thanks!
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