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  1. Darn. If I'm reading your inquiry correctly, you're wanting to change the first page (the direct link), not the second? If that is the case you can create some images that contain the date/time/age which you can then link to the appropriate event info. Then, put them in columns next to each other. Keep the colors of the date/time/age consistent for each link to help your customer choose other clinics for their child to attend. They'll look more like buttons this way. @Patterson - Editing to add that I've been playing around (because your question intrigued me). This link is based on the Bedford (7.0) template which doesn't offer the calendar style either (rather, it's a blog style). However, I think you could probably do the same. I created an Events page added an event set the start day/time and end day/time added a title added a description in the content area then inserted products that we already had set up for this client, but imagine each product for the age/time-block for each clinic and or camp. in the Options tab, I set the thumbnail image https://www.lossoflifeadvocates.com/new-events
  2. Have you considered using the calendar style event posts (if your template allows)? You would be able to list the start and end dates.
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