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  1. @dhoulb Have you found a resolution to your problem? I'm experiencing the same issue in that clicking on the folder title will not take me to the page I've created. ~Jon
  2. @unicornX Have you found a resolution to this issue? I'm having the same trouble. It is a great fix, but it distorts my mobile navigation list pretty badly. ~Jon
  3. @bobvonelgg This is a really great solution and I got everything changed in my navigation bar only to find that it really caused problems on my mobile navigation menu. All of the folders that originally displayed like this "+ start here" have now broken into two lines which requires you to click on the "+" if you want to access the submenu and the "start here" if you want to get to the unlinked page. Would you have any idea of how to resolve this issue?
  4. @expeditionjojo I had great success with this solution and the scroll to top button appeared on every webpage just as I wanted it to, but I've recently lost the button. It no longer appears on my site. Have you experienced something similar? ~Jon
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